It's shocking!!!

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It's shocking!!! by Mind Map: It's shocking!!!

1. What is electricity?

1.1. electricity

2. What uses electricity?

2.1. Digital technology

2.1.1. ipad ipad1 ipad2 ipad3 ipad4 ipad aire ipad mini

2.1.2. iphone

2.1.3. laptop

2.1.4. computers

2.2. TV

2.3. dishwasher

2.4. fan

2.5. phone

2.6. lights

2.7. electric bicycle

2.8. electric scooter

3. How does it work

3.1. it gives power to devices

3.2. it sends power to things

3.3. it goes through wires

4. electric tour

4.1. the electricity goes to the switch room then to the pod

4.1.1. than to the transformer it goes to a room witch only people that has a licence it comes from a under ground tube to our school

5. parts of a circuit

5.1. battery

5.2. light or other stuff

5.3. wires

6. Electric Workshop things we did.