It's shocking

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It's shocking by Mind Map: It's shocking

1. from-what is electricity?

2. electricty every were

2.1. at home

2.1.1. we use ovens they use

2.2. computer electrike toilet

2.2.1. telephone if you have a bag you can take a computer

2.3. in MRT/LRT

2.4. telephone

2.4.1. computer ipad ipod

3. school tour

3.1. These places are places we are not aloud to go

3.1.1. 1.main power

4. what you need to make a lightbolb

4.1. a wire

4.1.1. a battery case a battery 2 wires

5. How do you change the brightness of a bulb?

6. Static electricity!

6.1. static electricity hehwuqgd jsahdiuasn d