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Sites by Mind Map: Sites

1. First Contact

1.1. Re-Find them on ALL Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr)

1.1.1. Facebook DSB Personal Like Pages Dr. Suzys Bonoboville

1.1.2. Twitter @drsuzy @radiosuzy1 @bonoboville @DrSusanBlockOrg

1.1.3. Instagram

1.1.4. Tumblr

1.2. Invite them to Google Group

1.3. Add them to Newsletter

1.4. Email invite them to Bonoboville (Branded from Acquisition and marketed as a sister company)

1.5. Email to Introduce to Entire (DSB) Network

1.6. Email to Invite them as a Studio Member

1.7. Email to encourage FWD to a Friend (Square image)

1.8. Email to encourage Models, Photographers, Musicians and Artists to signup for Bonoboville (perks include VIP access to Sat nights)

2. 1. Acquisition

2.1. MISC

2.1.1. DrSusanBlockShow Google Group

2.1.2. 3DCarts Purchases

2.2. ALL Contact forms

2.2.1. DSB

2.2.2. Bloggamy

2.2.3. DSBI

2.2.4. DSBTV

2.2.5. 3DCarts

2.2.6. Bonoboville

2.2.7. Clip-O-Rama

2.3. DSB Social Accounts

2.3.1. Bonoboville Social Accounts

2.3.2. DSBI Social Accounts

2.3.3. DSBShow Social Accounts

2.3.4. DSBTV Social Accounts

2.4. Bonoboville

2.4.1. Bonoboville Classifieds

2.4.2. Bonoboville Meetup

2.5. DSB TV

2.5.1. CCBill Purchasers

2.5.2. CCBill Affiliates

2.6. DSB Institute Daily

2.6.1. Phone Calls

2.6.2. Client to Email Convert on 2nd Call

2.6.3. Leads from Email Accounts BlockFrontOffice Bonoboville BonobovillePR DrSusanBlock

2.7. DSB Sat Nights

2.7.1. Phone Calls to Studio

2.7.2. Speakeasy Stars

2.7.3. Photographers

2.7.4. Studio Memberships

2.8. DSB Show Bloggamy

2.8.1. Bloggamy Show Comments

2.8.2. Bloggamy Newsletter Responses

3. Content Update How Everything should be tagged

3.1. DSB

3.1.1. RadioSuzy1 Each Radio Show Post Thumbnail MP3 URL Square Ad with Price Strip Ad with Price Medium Square Ad with Price

3.1.2. Erotic Theater Each Theater Clip Thumbnail MP4 URL Square Ad with Price Strip Ad with Price Medium Sized Ad

3.1.3. Institute Every Therapist Blog Post Publish full on Bonoboville Publish snippet on Institute Every Therapist Publish on Bonoboville Publish linked version on Institute Square Ad with Specialty Medium Ad with Specialty

3.1.4. DrSuzyTV Every Speakeasy Blog Post Publish on Bonoboville Every Star Publish on Bonoboville Square Ad with Specialty Medium Ad with Specialty Affiliates Can get Strip Ad

3.1.5. Encyclopedia Of SEX Update Encyclopedia

3.1.6. Bonoboville RadioSuzy1 Fetish Audio Clips Fetish Audio Packages Purchase Most Recent Show Discount Erotic Theater Store Feed Institute Therapist Mini Blog DrSuzyTV Just Released! Purchase a Pass Bonoboville TV Affiliate Products Music Favorite Shows Teasers for Erotic Theater Clips Most recent show every few hours

3.1.7. DSBTV Video Directing Infographics for purchasing a membership Professionalize labeling for videos Strategy for Speakeasy Star Releases

3.1.8. DSBRadio Package deals on DVDs, Audio Mixes, Institute App Engagement Strategy for more Downloads

4. What to Buy

4.1. Phone Calls (Institute)

4.2. TV Membership Sales (CCbill)

4.3. Webcam Sales (Institute)

4.4. Show Tickets (3dCarts)

4.5. Affiliate Types

4.5.1. Affiliate Marketing $$$$$$$$$$ Ad Locations Radio Page Bloggamy Encyclopedia Marketplace

4.5.2. Product // External Product type (Amazon/CJ/SellFire)

4.5.3. Post // Magazine Content Piece type (BonoboRadio)

4.5.4. Ad // Sidebar Ad Locations

4.5.5. Endorsements // Every week we look at our endorsements AND pick a random one AND write a review/blog/story about what they are about, recommend affiliate products

4.6. Digital Posters / Desktop Banners / Physical Posters (3dCarts/WooCommerce?)

4.7. Gallery Sets (3dCarts/WooCommerce?)

4.8. Audio & Gallery Exclusives (3dCarts/WooCommerce?)

4.9. Video Clips (3dCarts)

4.10. Offer studio photo shoots per hour or per package

5. Emails

5.1. See link

5.2. 0 - Account Activated!

5.3. Welcome To Bonoboville

5.4. 1 - Places to Go to and Site Map / iPhone Ready & Android

5.5. 2 - Locked Doors

5.5.1. 5 - Institute Door - Who's Online

5.6. 3 - Featured Video Updates

5.7. 4 - Affiliate Program / make money with us

5.8. 5 - Featured Video Updates

5.9. 6 - Listen to us on the Radio & Chime In

6. Daily Tasks

6.1. Phone Calls and Referrals and Leads

6.2. Email Newsletters

6.3. Social Networks

6.4. Blog Content (Our Sites)

6.5. Video Commercial Creation (Youtube/Clip-o-Rama/DSBTV)

7. 2. Setup

7.1. Targeted Newsletters

7.1.1. as DSB

7.1.2. as DSBI

7.1.3. as DSBShow/Gallery

7.1.4. as DSBTV

7.1.5. as Clip-O-Rama

7.1.6. as Bonoboville