Cleaning: Do a Little and Often

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Cleaning: Do a Little and Often by Mind Map: Cleaning: Do a Little and Often

1. 30 minutes

1.1. Cleaning Tasks You Can Do in 30 Minutes

1.2. Scrub the oven shelves

1.3. Clean the kitchen cupboards

1.4. Iron a basket of clothes

1.5. Vacuum cushions, curtains and underneath furniture

1.6. Strip the bed, change the sheets and linen

1.7. Clean the windows

1.8. Clean the bathroom from top to bottom

1.9. Polish furniture

1.10. De-clutter, file paperwork and sort out drawers

1.11. Total Time: 4 hours 30 minutes

2. Once or Twice a Year

2.1. Once/Twice a Year Cleaning Jobs

2.2. Wash Carpets

2.3. Change over season clothing

2.4. Launder and pack away winter duvets

2.5. Clean underneath and behind kitchen appliances

2.6. Dispose of electronics, tools and furniture no longer used.

2.7. Pack and unpack garden furniture - sheds, chairs, swings, barbecue, etc.

2.8. Hose down the patio

2.9. Clean solar panels

2.10. Steam clean mattress

2.11. Clean and organize/de-clutter basement/attic/garage

3. 5 minutes

3.1. Cleaning Tasks You Can Do in 5 Minutes

3.2. Replace the dishcloth and drying cloths

3.3. Empty the dishwasher

3.4. Wash a few breakfast dishes

3.5. Make a shopping list

3.6. Wipe fingerprints from handles and switches

3.7. Open windows to allow fresh air in the home

3.8. Throw rubbish mail and old newspapers

3.9. Put five things away (one per minute)

3.10. Hang out laundry

3.11. Water the houseplants

3.12. Make an appointment

3.13. Pay a bill and file it

3.14. Dust living room

3.15. Clean a pair of shoes

3.16. Make the bed

3.17. Empty the rubbish bin

3.18. Total Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

4. 10 mnutes

4.1. Cleaning Tasks You Can Do in 10 Minutes

4.2. Sort out and clean the fridge

4.3. Vacuum and mop the kitchen floor

4.4. Wipe kitchen surfaces

4.5. Handwash a piece of clothing

4.6. Put in a load of laundry

4.7. Wipe the bathroom, basin and toilet

4.8. Vacuum the living room and hall

4.9. Wipe the mirrors

4.10. Sort mail, magazines, newspapers, e-mails, bills

4.11. Tidy and sort out a drawer

4.12. Total time: 1 hour 40 minutes