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The Theory of Evolution by Mind Map: The Theory of Evolution
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The Theory of Evolution

Just a Theory?

"Theory" as used in everyday language

A hypothesis proposed as an explanation;

"Theory" as used in science

In science, theories are statements or models that have been tested and confirmed many times.

The Theory of Evolution is a hypothesis that has been confirmed and established by observation and experiment!

Charles Darwin

English naturalist and geologist

1809 - 1882

The Origin of Species

Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection

Natural Selection

Variation exists among individuals in a species.

Individuals of species will compete for resources (food and space)

Some competition would lead to the death of some individuals while others would survive

Individuals that had advantageous variations are more likely to survive and reproduce.

The Survival of the Fittest

The phrase was first used by Herbert Spencer after reading Darwin's "On the Origin of Species"

Darwin then used the phrase himself in a later edition of his book, alongside the term "natural selection"

What he meant by it was "better designed for an immediate, local environment"

Evidence for Evolution

Fossil Evidence

We have tons of fossils of creatures that no longer exist but bear striking resemblance to creatures that do exist today.

Evidence from Living Organism

Biochemistry and DNA

Embryological development–Embryos of different species develop almost identically

Observation of species change (wolves/dogs, peppered moths)