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Retrospectives by Mind Map: Retrospectives
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Close the Retrospective

Reflect on the retrospective and how to improve it

Appreciate accomplishments

Decide what to do

identify highest priority items to work on

put measurable goals on those items so they can be completed



Generate Insights

discuss what was successful and identify any roadblocks to success

Tell and Cluster


Small Starfish

Speed Car - Abyss

6 thinking hats


Gather Data

create a shared picture of what happened during the sprint

Big Hitter Moments

Peaks and Valleys Timeline

Pillars of Agile Spiderweb

Happiness radar

Set the Stage

get the team ready to engage

warm up activity(ies)

What is a Retrospective


Entire Team

3 Questions

Prime Directive

Time Boxed


Rotate facilitator role

Get someone outside the team to facilitate

Achievable actions and owners for each action

Start each retro by reviewing the actions from previous retro

Use a room without a table

Mix up locations

Warm up excercise

Throw away everything from retro except acions