How to Create An Opt-In that Works

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How to Create An Opt-In that Works by Mind Map: How to Create An Opt-In that Works

1. 8 Elements of an Opt-In Offer

1.1. Offers an ultra specific solution to an ultra specific market

1.2. Promises ONE big thing - instead of a lot of little things

1.3. Speaks to a known, desired, end result

1.4. Offers Immediate Gratification

1.5. Moves a prospect down a continuum of belief - hopeful, positive, excited!

1.6. Has a high perceived value - AHA moment

1.7. Has a high actual value - doesn't disapoint.

1.8. Can be consumed in 5 minutes or less

2. What problem are you solving

2.1. 4 Questions to Ask

2.1.1. What makes you different?

2.1.2. How do you go against the tide?

2.1.3. What's is your WOW factor?

2.1.4. What is the ONE thing your prospect wants more than anything else?

2.2. What makes you different from the competiition

3. Why are they so necessary?

3.1. Know, Like and Trust - first step

3.2. E-mail list is your "communiity" more than social media

3.2.1. permission based

3.2.2. can contact at will

3.3. Harder than ever to get e-mail addresses

4. What is an Opt-In?

4.1. Small Chunk of Value - Pink Spoon that solves a SPECIFIC problem for a specific market - offered in exchange for your e-mail or text number.

4.2. What are the two biggest mistakes people make with their opt-ins?

4.2.1. I'm giving it away for free - doesn't have to be that good.

4.2.2. Give away too much may not be specific enough may actually be a road bump in the funnel

5. Delivering your optin

5.1. Lead Capture

5.1.1. Importance of Layout 8 Places

5.1.2. Thank you Page Don't do download - on the way watch this important video

5.2. Landing Page Tips and Examples

5.2.1. Case Studies Chapter of book Subscribe to Newsletter Avoid video on opt-in page (test this) Don't use facebook instead of name or e-mail

5.2.2. Long form vs Short Form Quick box - short form Long form - squeeze page Attention getting headline graphic of opt in horizontal opt in bar bullet points vs blocks of text javascript warning pop up for videos screenshots & images. Compelling captions under each image Have an additional below fold opt-in Keep it Simple: shorter typically out performs longer Images: Women; eye-direction Short form does better but.. Google likes long form better

6. What Type of Opt In Is Best for Your Business?

6.1. Answers a question - not a report - just one question

6.2. Sandwich Content -small deliverable on page - sandwiched between two messages

6.3. Toolkit/Resource List

6.3.1. People might leave to check them out - timing important.

6.4. Assessment/Test

6.4.1. Hubspot Marketing Grader

6.5. Quiz/Survey

6.6. Discount/Free Shipping

6.7. Cheatsheet/Handout

6.7.1. Mindmaps

6.7.2. Flowcharts

6.8. Free Download/Free Trial

7. How to Find Out What They Want?

7.1. Google "so bad"

7.2. Forums

7.3. Surveys

7.4. Amazon top selling book titles

7.5. Top Blogs