The Holocaust

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The Holocaust by Mind Map: The Holocaust

1. The Journey that saved Curious George

1.1. war in Europe

1.1.1. " Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany. Life began to change for the German people, especially for Germans who were Jewish. Symbols: Star of David: Jewish symbol Swastika: Nazi symbol

1.2. Vocab: wartime-a period during which a war is taking place. Nazi - a member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

1.3. Change: This book deals with the concept of change. Hans and Margret have to leave their home in France because of the war.

1.3.1. Personal thoughts: The book is a good book cause it's showing how people's lives were effected by the war. Message: The whole story was about a couple escaping the Wartime in Paris. They used their story " the adventures of fifi" to help get out of Paris.

2. Boxes for Katje

2.1. vocab: amid- surrounded by; in the middle of.

2.1.1. change: this book talks about change in both places. In Holland, Rosie changed the whole town. She sent goods and clothes to her pen pal, Katje. At the end, Katje sent Rose a whole box of Tulip bulbs. " After the war, there was little left in the tiny Dutch town of Olst. They patched and repatched their worn- thin clothing, and they went without soap or milk, sugar or new shoes. " You won't believe what's happening here! everyone, everywhere wants to send a box to you. The school organized a canned drive. The church organized a clothes drive. Even local businesses added items to the box. We hope there's enough for all your friends and neighbors."

2.1.2. Personal thoughts: I think this book is sweet. Rosie decided to help out Katje and her community.

2.1.3. Symbol and meaning: Packages= they were sent to Katje. She and Rosie ended up helping out her whole community.