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TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Riding the waves of culture by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2013
Riding the waves of culture
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TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Riding the waves of culture

question: why do we have so many crises?

crises after crises

answer: pace of change has never been this big as in the past

bloody nonsense

I haven been hearing that for 50 years

what has changed

the experience of diversity

"we have been living in ethnic cages", Peter Sloterdijk, German Philosopher, now: the lids are of, mixing, internet, travel, etc

example, Amsterdam, diversity is all over the map

stilll model/paradims in which we picture the world are still culturally biased

leadership, American viewpoints don't even work in America

politcs, very cultural biased

we need to connect viewpoints

otherwise, the above might be the view of companies


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Fons Trompenaars

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what the interview with Frenk van der Linden (in Dutch)

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How did this evolve?

I personally have been raised in multicultural family

French mother and Dutch Father, doesn't make you Belgian, there are limts to what you can take

differences, French respect authority, The Dutch challenge authority


The French were in France

The Americans in America

The Chinese in China

local management theories did work


we have multicultural teams

what do we need to do, connect, the outsiders viewpoint, the insiders viewpoint, get a better picture of reality, create a paradigm that works across cultures

How to cope with these challenges?

general approaches

select shared values that helps us to solve the dilemma's

use humor, humor is making two opposing logic logical

find the shared human dilemma's, e.g., helping a friend, somthing the truth

using the 'Culture for Business' app

fille in a questonnaire

matches, your profile, profile of the country of interest

Matches profiles and gives you tips

Shows you:, differences, what you can do to reconcile these dilemma's, dilemmas it creates with other cultures, what you can do

more information of this app on the THT consulting follow-up page

connect viewpoints, using leadership

not, only going top down, only going bottom up

using the servant leader

leadership in diverse groups need to combine the opposites into a higher reality

not only the side

not only the top

but a combined view