The Helper App

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The Helper App by Mind Map: The Helper App

1. The Application

1.1. Main Functions

1.1.1. Chat

1.1.2. Rate/Review

1.1.3. Categories BYU Colleges and Departments Business (Marriot School of Management Engineering and Technology Family, Home, and Social Sciences Education, David O. Mckay School of Fine Arts and Communications Humanities Life Sciences Physical and Mathematical Sciences Nursing User Interface

1.2. Sub Functions

1.2.1. Location based matching (GPS)

1.2.2. Video chat with match

1.2.3. Give a list of possible places in the middle the matched people can meet at.

1.2.4. Sync with calendar to help people find best available time to meet

1.2.5. Have ads along the bottom of the app

1.2.6. Give the 'Helpers' an option to charge the people the people they help