Roman Myth Romulus and Remus

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Roman Myth Romulus and Remus by Mind Map: Roman Myth  Romulus and Remus

1. Mythes Grounded in Hystory

2. Service to the State is Equal to Religous Service

2.1. Defined Emporers

2.2. Roman Ideal

2.2.1. Gravitas

2.2.2. Pietas loyal to state and family

2.2.3. Frugalitos

3. Patriarichal

4. Multiple Versions

4.1. Political

4.2. Cultural pride

4.3. Adopting and adapting from other cultures

5. Common Archetypes

5.1. Babies in a basket

5.2. Brother Vs. brother

5.3. Divine conception (divine Parent)

5.4. Divine Guidence in finding a City