Martin Luther King Jr

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Martin Luther King Jr by Mind Map: Martin Luther King Jr

1. The Day The King was born. January 15,1929

2. Was an american clergyman,activist and a prominent leader in the african american civil rights movement

3. he was know as the human rights icon. He was recongnized as a martyr by two christian churches.

4. He lead the 1955 montgormery bus boycott and helped find the Southern Christian Leadership confernse in 1957 serving as its first president.

5. Kings efforts led to the 1963 March on Washington , he gave his speech I Have a Dream speech.

6. After his famus speach he raised a public consciousness of the civil rights movement

7. in 1964 Martin Luther king became the youngest person to recieve the nobel prize for his work to end racial segregration and racial discrimination though the civil disobedienceand non violent means.

8. By the time of his death in 1968, he had refocused his efforts on ending poverty and opposing the vietnam war.

9. the King was assasinated on april 4 1968 in memphis tennessee.

10. Later on he was awarded the President Medal of Freedom in 1977 and Congressional Gold Medal in 2004.

11. Martin Luther King Day was established as a U.S National Holiday in 1986.

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13. coretta scott king was his wife