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Technology Today by Mind Map: Technology Today

1. Adults: More men use the internet by a small margin!

2. Whites use the internet the most, followed by blacks, then Hispanics

3. Age: 18-29 uses the most internet

3.1. New node

4. 95% of computer/internet users live in a $75,000+ income house

5. College grads use more internet/computer tools.

6. Communities where internet is used: Suburban, followed by Urban, then Rural

7. Most internet is accessed from home, followed by school.

8. Teenage girls tend to use more internet than teenage boys!

8.1. The larger margin of users are white older teenagers.

9. 62% of suburban community teens use the internet, compared to 25% in rural areas and 23% in urban areas.

10. Did you know?: 1 out of every 3 teens has played a computer game at school (as part of an assignment!)

11. School classes using writing every day: 50%.

11.1. The most part of that writing is taking notes, while some is for creative purposes. Writing in school is least often used for writing music and lyrics.

11.2. Writing in school: 82% of teens say the writing they do mostly is one paragraph to one page essays.

12. Teens using social networking tools: 85% (age 12-17) using things like texting, emails, instant messaging, facebook, myspace, twitter, livejournal, and bebo

12.1. Does texting count as writing? 60% of teens think not.

13. The most common type of personal enjoyment activities that involve writing done by teens: writing letters and notes to others, followed by journal entries. In last? Writing computer programs!

14. Teen Daily Activities: 38% send texts daily, followed by speaking on the phone (on different lines), 29% time with friends daily (outside of school), 26% use social networking sites daily, 24% IM daily, and 16% send emails daily.

15. 38% of teens use email/text message writing in school essays! U no wat i mean? Lol

16. Social Networking connections: 84% of teens post on their friends walls! Only 33% "poke" their friends (or give kudos). What a lame thing to do. Only lame people poke.

17. Teens 12-18 play games online more than Gen Y, but more of Gen Y looks up jobs and watches videos on the internet.

18. 1/4 teens uses smiley emoticons in school essays! ;)