My Career Journey

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My Career Journey by Mind Map: My Career Journey

1. Barriers

1.1. Myself. As strange as it sounds, I find that I lack faith in my abilities, therefore lacking the constitution of a strong learning career.

1.2. (Some of) My Peers. Some people I know find furthering an education tedious and, ironically enough, "Stupid". These people are not supportive and contribute to my findings of myself as useless and meaningless.

1.3. (Certain) School Subjects. There are some areas of study (E.g, Mathematics) that do not apply to the type of education I wish to further, but it doesn't help when a bad grade is given to me, only lowering my self-esteem.

1.4. Finances. A post-secondary education is not inexpensive, as we have learned thus far in the course, and I have feelings of anxiety in trying to get myself financially able to pursue said pathway.

2. Resources

2.1. My friends and peers. These people support me in my utmost times of emotional distress, and can always comfort me, thus making my barrier of "Myself" invalid.

2.2. My family. They support me financially and emotionally, as well as push me further to develop more skills.

2.3. My school. ESA is a very open and accepting place, and provides information on how to go on to post-secondary programs. ESA supports me in knowledgeable terms.

2.4. My community. I volunteer at a few community centres such as SEYA/LAMP, which also hosts a friendly group of individuals, as well as provides job opportunities+volunteer opportunities.

3. Personal Characteristics

3.1. Ambitious. A blessing and a curse. I have the ability to go for something I want with no inhibition. However, I will get made fun of for my efforts. (See Barrier: Peers)

3.2. Ambivert. I largely enjoy communicating with people, but I can also sit down and have a day for myself without any communication from another human being.

3.3. Frank. When I know I enjoy someone's presence, I let them know. When someone is being an ignoramus, I inform them of it.

3.4. Assertive. In an indecisive group that aren't sure on whether they should go to the Pizza Place or Subway, I make the decision and we continue without any conflict.

4. Learning Transformations

4.1. I learned recently that I am a largely visual and audio learner, which I use to assist me in school subjects.

4.2. I also learned that I fit into the ANTJ Myers-Briggs personality type, which is especially useful for determining if I should work in teams or alone. Fortunately, because I don't fall quite into Introversion or Extroversion, but rather, Anmbiversion, this allows me to work well in either groups or individually.

5. By Marta Dubovik