Vlad Zotta

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Vlad Zotta by Mind Map: Vlad Zotta

1. Where and What I did all this time

1.1. August 2014 - Present

1.1.1. Netzah Games

1.1.2. Business Development Manager Managing imports and distribution for Activision Blizzard titles in Romania, as well as PR and marketing activities in accordance with company guidelines and practices. Negotiating business plans with our suppliers, deals and offers with our clients, as well as tracking sell through and stocks, anticipating future needs and trends. Organizing PR activities and events, communicating the value of our products to the public and engaging them to try new titles and features.

1.2. April 2014 - Augst 2014

1.2.1. Netzah Games

1.2.2. PR Manager Managing PR activities across all media channels for titles released in Romania by Activision Blizzard, Konami Entertainment and Bethesda.

1.3. August 2010 - Present

1.3.1. GamaGanda.net (Romania)

1.3.2. Owner and Editor I own and run a blog covering mostly the business behind the games we love and the platforms that run them. I sometimes review the games I play and post my thoughts on certain aspects of the gaming industry. Most of my reviews are written in Romanian, while my analysis articles are available in English. Here are a few examples I hold dear. 18.02.2013 - http://gamaganda.net/analyzing-sony-with-recordedfuture/ 19.02.2013 - http://gamaganda.net/analyzing-sony-with-recorded-future-2/ 19.02.2013 - https://www.recordedfuture.com/analyzing-sony-ahead-of-new-playstation-announcement/ (Recorded Future shared my post) 18.02.2013 - http://gamaganda.net/ps-vita-price-cut-analysis/ 24.02.2013 - http://gamaganda.net/the-playstation-effect-three-pillars-for-succesful-strategy/ 12.06.2013 - http://gamaganda.net/sony-playstation-4-low-cost-valueproposition/ 30.03.2013 - http://gamaganda.net/beyond-xbox-a-glimpse-of-whats-to-come-and-its-not-a-gaming-console/ 10.03.2013 - http://gamaganda.net/how-much-can-a-next-gen-console-hope-to-sell/

1.4. February 2012 – Present

1.4.1. C.N.T.A.R. TAROM S.A. (Romania)

1.4.2. Interline Accounting Specialist – Financial Division International Air Transport Association (IATA) Simplified Interline Settlement deployment within C.N.T.A.R. TAROM S.A. Financial settlements with our partner airlines based on current International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations and the IATA Revenue Accounting Manual, as well as interline agreements between C.N.T.A.R. TAROM S.A. and its partners.

1.5. September 2009 – February 2012

1.5.1. C.N.T.A.R. TAROM S.A. (Romania)

1.5.2. Competitive Intelligence Analyst – Commercial Division – Strategy Department Establish the company procedure for the Competitive Intelligence activity Create and update competitor profiles Issue early warnings regarding threats or opportunities and assess impact Monitor the external environment by gathering and validating information from primary and secondary open sources Contribute to the company’s twice a month Intelligence Bulletin, focused on the external environment and the factors that could impact the company’s activity Perform executive profiling (ex. MBTI assessment on competitors’ executives) Run the internal intelligence audit as part of the on-the-job training within TAROM Benchmark the company’s services against the competitors (ex. catering offer, business class services) Contribute to projects run by the company’s Strategy Department with intelligence and analysis (ex. SWOT, Ansoff matrix, “What If” analysis, alternative scenarios, red teaming on projects focused on network structure and operations, route/market analysis, fare structures and customer segmentation)

1.6. May 2004 – December 2009

1.6.1. GamersHell.com (Italy)

1.6.2. Senior News Editor Gather and process information for news items Publish news and maintain and/or establish PR connections

1.7. December 1999 – May 2008

1.7.1. Computergames.ro (Romania)

1.7.2. Editor Write reviews, previews and feature stories Translate articles for the English section of the website

1.8. October 1996 – September 2009

1.8.1. C.N.T.A.R. TAROM S.A. (Romania)

1.8.2. Customer Service Agent – Commercial Division Provide friendly service by phone and e-mail to internal and external customers (tend to customers’ travel needs, provide information on company’s services, and help customers use the company’s website)

2. How I am and What I've learned in the meantime

2.1. Languages

2.1.1. Romanian Mother tongue

2.1.2. English Excellent

2.1.3. French Good

2.2. IT

2.2.1. MS Windows and Office, Digimind, Recorded Future, bottlenose

2.3. Interpersonal communication skills and customer-oriented, teamwork skills

2.4. Conflict resolution, listening and diplomacy skills

2.5. Decision making and problem solving skills

2.6. Strategic and creative forward-thinking

2.7. Initiative and self-motivation

2.8. Calm, patient and flexible with a good ability to handle pressure

2.9. Attention to details

3. Who I've been and who I am

3.1. Nationality

3.1.1. Romanian

3.2. Date of birth

3.2.1. April 6th 1977

3.3. Address

3.3.1. 52 Fetesti Street, Bl. T1, Apt.1, Sector 3, Bucharest, Romania

3.4. Online Profiles

3.4.1. LinkedIn

3.4.2. Facebook

3.5. E-mail

3.6. Mobile

3.6.1. +40742.67.44.52

4. What they've taught me

4.1. September 2009 – March 2010

4.1.1. Magnify Sight SRL (Romania)

4.1.2. Competitive Intelligence Introductory Course

4.1.3. On-the-job training within C.N.T.A.R. TAROM S.A.

4.2. 1995-2000

4.2.1. “Titu Maiorescu” University (Romania)

4.2.2. Law

4.2.3. University Diploma

4.3. 1991-1995

4.3.1. “George Cosbuc” Bilingual National College (Romania)

4.3.2. Humanities – Languages English/French

4.3.3. High School Diploma/Translator qualification