Causes of WWII

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Causes of WWII by Mind Map: Causes of WWII

1. Rise of dictatorships

1.1. Germany - people needed hope after results of WWI (war debt, isolated)

1.2. Italy - people felt cheated after WWI thought they should have gotten more from the treaty.

2. Treaty of Versailles to end WWI

2.1. Hitler fails to comply - builds their military

2.2. Some European countries felt they didn't get enough compensation after the war.

3. Imperialism

3.1. Germany

3.1.1. retake the Rhineland - part of Germany but supposed to be neutral. then they attack and take over Austria

3.2. Japan

3.2.1. decided to expand their power in Asia

3.2.2. attacks and overtakes Manchuria

4. Weakness of the League of Nations

4.1. doesn't stop or punish Japan after the attack on Manchuria

4.2. doesn't offer consequences for actions against the League.

5. Appeasement

5.1. making compromises to keep peace

5.2. Munich convention - Britain and France agree to let Germany keep the Rhineland and Austria to keep the peace. Also gives Hitler the Sudetenland to try and avoid war.

6. The Soviet-German Non-Aggression Pact

6.1. alliance between Germany and Russia

6.2. Hitler can attack and take Poland without fear of Soviet intervention.


7.1. Hitler invades Poland on Sept. 1 1939

7.1.1. Hitler is successful because he uses a blitzkrieg attack method (lightening)

7.2. Sept. 3 Great Britain and France both declare war on Germany