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Colors by Mind Map: Colors

1. Categories

1.1. primary

1.1.1. The colors that cannot be made by mixing any other colors together, and can be mixed together to create any other color Red Yellow Blue

1.2. secondary

1.2.1. the colors made by mixing two primary colors Orange Purple Green

1.3. Intermediate (Tertiary)

1.3.1. Yellow/Orange

1.3.2. Yellow/Green

1.3.3. Blue/Green

1.3.4. Blue/Violet

1.3.5. Red/Violet

1.3.6. Red/Orange


2. Color Wheel

2.1. a circle diagram with different colored sectors used to show the relationship between colors

2.2. Mixing

2.2.1. Red + Blue Purple

2.2.2. Red + Yellow Orange

2.2.3. Blue + Yellow Green

2.3. color values

2.3.1. Tints A color mixed with white

2.3.2. Shades A color mixed with black

2.3.3. Hue the pure shade of a color



3. Color Groupings

3.1. Compliments

3.1.1. 2 colors from opposite sides of the color wheel Red and Green Yellow and Purple Blue and Orange

3.2. warm

3.2.1. color are from red-purple to yellow-green and have a warm temprature feel

3.3. Analogous

3.3.1. colors next to each other on the color wheel

3.4. Monochromatic

3.4.1. only uses one color and it's shades and tints

3.5. Neutral

3.5.1. made less bright(more dull) by mixing a color with it's compliment

3.6. Cool

3.6.1. colors are from green-yellow to blue-purple and have a cool temperature feel



5. Video planning ideas

5.1. video clip ideas



5.2. Audience

5.2.1. 4th through 6th graders as an introduction/explanation of the color wheel and it's properties

5.3. Purpose

5.3.1. to inform students about colors and important concepts and terms related to color

5.4. background music ideas

5.4.1. Kalimba by Mr. Scruff

5.4.2. Maid with the Flaxen Hair by Richard Stoltzman; Slovak Radio Symphny Orchestra

5.4.3. Sleep Away by Bob Acri

5.5. Voice over mostly still images

5.6. Sally loves art and her mom just got her a new paint set, but when she went to paint there was only three colors and she was so disappointed and told her mother. This back story leads into the explain of the color wheel and the related concepts