The final activity

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The final activity by Mind Map: The final activity

1. The Numbers

1.1. In our life started to count thing and the numbers became very important, from child's are basic learning that helps to know all around in the world. A long time ago numbers were required to count.

2. The Alphabet

2.1. Learn the alphabet in English is essential if we want to learn English. For this reason you must learn the correct pronunciation of each letter of the alphabet in English, although English is not like the Spanish, since the pronunciations of each letter will vary depending on each situation and the alphabet in English we have learned could contradict.

3. Gretting

3.1. Good morning-Buenas tardes Good afternoon-Buenas noches Good evening-Buenas noches (al despedirse) Good night-¡Adios! ¡Chau! Good-bye, Bye, Bye-Bye

4. Verb "to be"

4.1. I (AM)

4.2. He, She, It (IS)

4.3. We You They (Are)

5. Prepositions

5.1. AT

5.2. IN

5.3. ON

6. Demonstrative Pronouns

6.1. SINGULAR: This-That

6.2. PLURAL: These-Those

7. Time

7.1. Three o´ clock

7.2. Ten past nine

7.3. Half past two

8. Possessive adjectives

8.1. A possessive adjective, like other adjectives, standing in front of the noun and serves as the determiner.

9. Nationalities

9.1. She is from Colombia

9.2. She speaks Spanish

9.3. She lives in Bogota.

10. Clothing

10.1. Dress-vestido

10.2. Slippers-zapatillas

10.3. Earrings-pendientes

11. Be or not Be

11.1. I am not

11.2. He, She, It is not

11.3. We, you, they are not

11.4. Are we a funny clowns? Yes, we are/No, we are not

12. Present Continuous

12.1. Sujeto + verbo auxiliar ("to be") + gerundio ("-ing").

13. Family members

13.1. GRANDPARENTS: Abuelos

13.2. FATHER: Padre and MOTHER: Madre

13.3. SISTERS: Hermanas

14. Furniture & Appliances

14.1. Bed: Cama

14.2. Couch: Sofa

14.3. Table: Mesa

15. Singular and Plural Pronouns

15.1. SINGULAR: I, He, She, It, You

15.2. PLURAL: We, You, They

16. Jobs

16.1. Architect: Arquitecto

16.2. Baker: Panadero

16.3. Carpenter: Carpintero

17. Cullture and Mythology

17.1. Culture in El Salvador: Festivity of San Salvador.

17.2. Mythological traditions in El Salvador: The Cipitio