The Water Cycle

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The Water Cycle by Mind Map: The Water Cycle

1. 2. Evaporation

1.1. Liquid into gas

1.2. Heat causes evaporation

1.2.1. The Sun

1.3. Water evaporates from oceans and lakes

1.4. Water vapor forms clouds in the sky

1.4.1. Cirrus clouds

1.4.2. Stratus clouds

1.4.3. Cumulus clouds

2. 3. Condensation

2.1. Water vapor cools down into water again

2.2. Example: a cold glass of water has condensation on it

2.3. Can cause fog and humid days

3. 4. Precipitation

3.1. Water falls back down from the sky

3.1.1. Rain

3.1.2. Snow

3.1.3. Hail

3.1.4. Sleet

4. 1. Collection

4.1. Oceans, lakes, and rivers collect water that has fallen

4.2. Water can also turn into groundwater

5. Elements to address

5.1. Purpose: How does the water cycle work?

5.2. Informative story

5.3. Audience: 5th Graders

5.4. Narration with be through text