My Family

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My Family by Mind Map: My Family

1. What types of media will be used?

1.1. Video

1.1.1. Video of its a small world taken my myself.

1.2. Pictures

1.2.1. Pictures taken by myself, or by family.

1.3. Voice

1.3.1. My own voice is used to narrate a portion

1.4. Text

1.4.1. only for headings

1.5. Music

1.5.1. Music narrating the first two minutes

1.5.2. Downloaded from itunes, have some personal meaning or are relevant to the topic.

2. What will the information cover?

2.1. This will be a personal narrative video

2.2. Students will see an example of how they can turn a writing piece into an interactive technology piece.

3. Where will the media types be coming from in my story?

3.1. The pictures were taking by family members or various people depicting my family and I.

3.2. The music will come from various sources like Itunes and Youtube.

3.3. The video I took with my own personal device

4. Digital storytelling should have?

4.1. A piece of text accompanying it

4.2. Should tell a basic story or teach a basic topic

4.3. A way of incorporating technology into a regularly boring assignment.

4.4. Should cover some basic genre

5. What artistic forms can be done?

5.1. You can do anything from teaching someone how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to designing a eulogy. Several things can help give a different feeling to the project.

5.1.1. You can have different forms of transitions

5.1.2. You can have more or less of a specific media form.

6. There are two forms of narration you can have.

6.1. Voice

6.2. Text

6.3. Mine will be narrated by mostly voice, but will have headings with text.

7. What kind of audience will this cater?

7.1. There is no specific audience for this digital story

7.2. The original personal narrative was however, written from a high school standard, with the intention of showing them.

8. What is the point of this narrative?

8.1. The point of this narrative is to teach people about my family, and an adventure we went on together.

8.2. I want people to see how close knit we are.

8.3. Another point for this story, is to give my parents some thanks and respect for taking me on this adventure.

9. Sequence of story

9.1. Starts with the trip to Florida and all the states in between.

9.2. Then it will show Disneyworld

9.3. Next will be a video of its a small world

9.4. Then Universal studios

9.5. Wonderful World of Harry Potter

9.6. Then it will have a narrated portion talking about the trip.

9.7. Then it will close with the captions

9.8. One final family photo