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consulting to universities:What's different? by Mind Map: consulting to universities:What's different?
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consulting to universities:What's different?

Great resources

any knowledge you need is available

if consulting requires team effort, can have great opportunity to find knowledgeable reources

resources include knowledgeable people, expert researchers in library personnel, access to academic content nationally


unlike any other organization - tenured faculty can't be fired except for egregious sins

faculty "king" on campus...unlikely to succeed without faculty support

most projects affect faculty in some way

not conducive for solutions that "require" compliance

faculty can outlast changes

solutions require lots of selling and collaboration

solutions require help for customer to get needed support

for lasting help, need time to help customer think through implementation


most universities function on decentralized model

departments often have control over their own spending

have to follow university purchasing procedures, but decisions made closer to customer

if your client is reasonably high up in department, probably faster sales are closer to the final decision maker than in government or large corp. More similar to non-profit.

less rigorous procurement and contracting procedures

state university systems may be exception - may be required to abide by state contracting procedures

high tolerances for eccentricity

highest value is on academic freedome and independent, uncensored intellectual thought

often translates into behavior that can look unprofessional: lateness or non-attendance at meetings, lack of project or meeting discipline, lack of follow up, rudeness or abruptness in discussion

conversations are highly likely to be academic in nature; less focus or inclination to practical. Requires time to move from intellectual to practical

don't typically value management - means that behavior, process, implementation likely to be unpredicable or appear chaotic

like a miniature city - needs huge range of services and support

if you are considering university as market, likely to need your product

like small city