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Experiences by Mind Map: Experiences

1. Quiz

1.1. User visits the page

1.2. (No moderation is needed.)

1.3. Quiz Taker

1.3.1. User starts quiz. Completes quiz. OPEN QUESTION: Share on Twitter? Share on Facebook? Like Us on Facebook? Sign up for Newsletter Follow Us on Twitter (Offer more information, related content?)

2. Newsletter

2.1. Subscribe to newsletter?

2.1.1. User has already Facebook authenticated? Yes SYSTEM: Prefills associated email address. No User enters information.

3. Social Content

3.1. Users post against the relevant #hashtag.

3.1.1. SYSTEM: Pulls in content via Twitter API and puts it inside of Social Content Moderation Dashboard. MODERATION: Flag Notification sent to escalation team. MODERATION: Approve Tweet gets posted inside of Social Content View. MODERATION: Deny SYSTEM: Tweet is moved to rejected section of Social Content Moderation Dashboard.

4. Challenges

4.1. Submit against Challenge

4.1.1. Login with Facebook. Authenticates with Facebook.

4.1.2. Login with Twitter Authentication System

4.1.3. Email Fill out form. Get registration email.

4.1.4. Authenticated and Cookied? Submits a video or a photo. Asset/entry matches ingestion requirements. Asset doesn't match entry requirements.

4.2. See Whitelisted Challenge Submissions

4.2.1. See Individual Challenge Submission USER: Wants to see other submissions. OPEN QUESTION RE: VOTING MECHANICS: User votes for a submission.

5. Account Management

5.1. USER: Update Password

5.1.1. SYSTEM: Ask user to provide old password. USER: Enters new password. SYSTEM: Confirms new password.

5.2. USER: Change Email Address

5.2.1. SYSTEM: Sends new email address confirmation. USER: Confirms new email address. SYSTEM: Confirms new email address.