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Poland by Mind Map: Poland

1. History

1.1. world war II

1.1.1. Poland established a government-in-exile, an armed forces and an intelligence service outside of the country

1.1.2. important help to allies notable service from polish air force

1.1.3. decyphered German Enigma machine

1.1.4. Poland invaded by Germany started wwII

1.1.5. Armia Krajowa coordinated with exiled polish government

1.2. Second Polish republic

1.2.1. Polish Lituanian fight

1.2.2. fight erupted in aftermath of World War I

1.2.3. control of Vilnius region and Suwalki region

1.2.4. fight shaped by war between Poland And the Soviet Union

1.2.5. spring of 1919 to November of 1920

1.2.6. Poland captured Vilnius in April of 1919 and later captured Suwalki

1.3. Third polish republic

1.3.1. sent 200 troops to Iraq

1.3.2. in Alliance wit U.S U.K and Australia

1.3.3. secured port of Umm Qasr

1.3.4. 70 men from GROM unit, ORP Kontradmirał Xawery Czernicki with 50 crew members and small navy command unit called FORMOZA

2. important people

2.1. Mikolaj Kopernik copernicus

2.1.1. On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres starting point of astronomy

2.1.2. Made model with sun at center of universe heliocentric model

2.1.3. started the scientific revolution

2.1.4. mathematician, astronomer, physician, quadrilingual polyglot, classical scholar, translator, artist, Catholic cleric, jurist, governor, military leader, diplomat and economist

2.2. Maria Sklodowska Curie

2.2.1. Polish physicist and chemist

2.2.2. studied radioactivity won 2 nobel prizes

2.2.3. first women professor at university of Paris

2.2.4. founded Curie institutes in Paris

2.2.5. her and pierre won Nobel prize in physics and daughter and son-in-law won nobel prizes

2.2.6. discovered polonium and uranium

2.2.7. directed first research on neoplasms or cancers

2.3. Karol Wojtyla

2.3.1. Pope John Paul II

2.3.2. supreme pontiff of catholic church

2.3.3. served 27 years second longest pontificate

2.3.4. first and only polish pope

2.3.5. first non-Italian pope since the Dutch pope in the 1520's

2.3.6. most influential leader of the 20th century

3. Animals

3.1. Horses

3.1.1. pottock pony, konik horse, przewalski's horse Acient breed, endangered: habitat loss cross breeding etc. Small horse originating from poland used to bring back tarpan semi-wild not actually polish name polish one of few true wild horse never domesticated

3.1.2. Poland prominent for breeding. polish proverb:"Horses, honey and wheat, Pay the debts of the elite".

3.1.3. russian proverb

3.1.4. passionate about horses, known for breeding

3.1.5. South and east for horses

3.1.6. Survived war in south because of natural environment

3.1.7. breeding gave them the hussar calvary horse used in war

3.2. Eurasian lynx

3.2.1. found in forest, medium sized, biggest lynx

3.2.2. extirpated from western europe

3.2.3. nocturnal and solitary gray to reddish fur with spots coat pattern depends on surroundings.

3.2.4. prey on rabbits,hares,roe deer,reindeer,wild boar,grouse,rodents,foxes

3.2.5. Carpathian Mountains 2,800 lynxes part of poland

3.3. Gray Wolf

3.3.1. survived ice age common ancestry with domestic dogs

3.3.2. numbers down loss of habitat human encroachment and encounters with humans

3.3.3. breeding pair of pack eat first

3.3.4. will eat mombers of pack if in fight or if member dies.