Fingerprint Access for Electronic Health Records By: Emily Fata Date: April 24, 2014

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Fingerprint Access for Electronic Health Records By: Emily Fata Date: April 24, 2014 by Mind Map: Fingerprint Access for Electronic Health Records By: Emily Fata Date: April 24, 2014


1.1. APPLE

1.1.1. Introduced cloud technology to the world that synchronizes information across multiple devices such as the Ipad, Macbook, IMac, Itouch, etc. that provides immediacy, ease of use and convenience (Apple. 2014) Fingerprint has already been established for individuals to access all of their information through all of their devices easier.

1.2. SONY

1.2.1. All of their electronic technology speaks to one another sharing and streaming information amongst devices like the PS4, PSVita, PS Application, TVs, sound systems, etc. Thus, creating a simultaneous experience that can be never ending (Sony, 2014).


1.3.1. Similar to how hospitals struggle communicating with one another, banks also had difficulty communicating. Now, with the use of a personal ID like fingerprint, individuals can access all of their banking needs at their fingertips. In a world of evolving technology, immediate access is now expected.


2.1. More drug control in pharmasueticals

2.2. Convenient for those with special needs

2.2.1. Deaf community

2.2.2. Those who cannot speak for themselves Children and/or babies

2.3. Useful for other departments & facilities

2.4. Convenient for those with language barriers

2.5. Could be used in physician routine to aid in bedside manner and viewing the patient as a whole and not just for their symptoms

3. Short Term Goal

3.1. Identity protection

3.1.1. Proven use for protection and security (Lewis, 2011).

3.2. Identity assurance

3.3. Easy & convenient access

3.4. Life saving in severe cases

3.4.1. Ex: Admitted into ER incoherent

3.5. Would bring up Medical history and Donor information in order to treat patients with the best of care.


4.1. Fingerprint can access a person's medical file in it's entirety

4.1.1. Test Results Past & Present

4.1.2. Donor Information

4.1.3. Past visits with various doctors and specialties Optomitrist Psychiatrist Primary Care Physician Chiropractic Surgeons Specialties

4.1.4. Medications prescribed Past & Present

4.1.5. Allergies

4.2. Used in trauma/E.D./EMT & Ambulance to get full history

4.2.1. Understanding full history to save time and provide best of care

4.3. Often times, trauma cases result in necessary surgeries or serious bodily injury

4.3.1. Incoherent, unresponsive, or alone We need to understand their history to make better decisions to save a life

4.4. Also used in our various facilities to save time


4.5.1. Fingerprint could aid this very process by saving time.


5.1. A new and exciting technology function used within our organization

5.2. Promotes assurance of past history thereby enhancing treatment

5.3. It's purpose is to save time

5.3.1. Allows immediate access to full history

5.4. It's purpose is most importantly to provide and enhance quality care

5.5. Provide a higher sense of security

5.5.1. Identity assurance

5.5.2. Patient record protection


6.1. CEO of John C Lincoln

6.1.1. Makes final decisions and oversees entire facility. He has a great network of professionals vital to aising us in our success.

6.2. Trauma Director

6.2.1. Oversees everything being brought in Works directly with firefighter, EMTs & ambulances

6.2.2. Deals with billing budgets and what is being charged

6.3. Trauma Surgeons

6.3.1. Frontline performers providing the care patient's need

6.4. Medical Staff Services

6.4.1. Oversees trauma and E.D. department Manage records Oversees staff in the E.D.

6.5. Internal IT

6.5.1. Capable and dependable for acquiring new technology and implementing it within our current systems.

6.6. Patients & The Community

6.6.1. We want their support and for them to understand the benefit for them and their families. We also want them to be educated and understand

6.7. Pre-hospital care

6.7.1. Middle men between medical staff services and Staff/EMTs


7.1. Allows us to understand our peers better

7.1.1. All stakeholders will have perspectives that can be better understood regarding the new change

7.2. Can aid us in working together to make beneficial changes

7.3. Allows us to interconnect smoothly between various departments and various facilities

7.3.1. Understanding one another will allow for smooth transition and communication for outside partners such as EMTs and Fire Department who bring in the traumas.

7.4. Build healthier long lasting relationships to promote growth in the workplace

8. Longterm Goal

8.1. To catch up with other industries in their technological reform.

8.2. To grant easy access universally for the sole purpose of providing better care for patients.


9.1. How can we fund adding fingerprint to our current systems and E,.D.

9.2. There are concerns of fingerprint being used for alternative reasons (i.e. background checks, personal information, etc...) how can this be addressed?

9.3. Why is fingerprint only being used in the E.D.?

9.4. How will you outreach to people in the community or future patients to support the use of fingerprint


10.1. "MY CHART"

10.1.1. After fingerprints are added which will be a gradual process, the following will be measured Patient satisfaction Convenience Service Time effective Time saved For the patient For networking physicians Turn over Physician & Medical Personnel satisfaction Through the use of MYCHART, authorized staff members can leave feedback, express concerns and even ask questions etc...It is this data we will be observing (Vos, 2014). MEASURING TOOL MYCHART SURVEY Data will be recorded, saved and analyzed monthly for 3 years. See Timeline for further detail.


11.1. Funding

11.1.1. Development and Construction Upgrade budget John C Lincoln Vision

11.2. Privacy

11.2.1. My Chart

11.2.2. Patient Consent

11.3. Support

11.3.1. Ethics Board

11.3.2. Internal IT

11.3.3. All staff Technology fair

11.3.4. CEO

11.3.5. Patients

11.3.6. Community


12.1. We all do

12.1.1. All staff

12.1.2. Our Partners i.e. Scottsdale Health

12.1.3. Ethics Board

12.1.4. Medical Board

12.1.5. Internal IT

12.1.6. Our Patients & Community

13. TIMELINE (6)