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Ratatouille by Mind Map: Ratatouille

1. ...Remy. The main character. A rat. And who wouldn't like him? A tiny cute creature with a pinky nose and big ambitions. And the great idea he emodies - your dreams are not as far as you think, you just have to reach out and grasp them. And, one more: "Not everyone can become a great artist; but a great artist can come from anywhere".

2. Of course, the thing I like the most about the movie has got to be the Ukrainian translation. It's always my favorite thing about all the new animated feature films. :D But we're learning English here, so I'm not gonna say that. Instead, I'm going to say that the first thing I like about the movie is...

3. Well, first of all, I want to say that I've seen this movie thousands of times. I almost remember every line by heart. (In ukranian, though). We, my family and I, take this movie with us wherever we go - travel - in summer, along to many other Disney or just good movies.

4. Remy could have stayed with his family, with him being a perfect poison alert for the rest of his days, but did he long for it? Was it his wish, to be remembered as a "helpful thing" or "a person of great avail in clan"? Never. Everybody wants to be remembered for something they loved doing, and not for being a perfect poison alert - something very useful, but not as big as they could be. Remy has chosen not to stay and to follow his dream.

5. Everyone likes Remy, right. But let's talk about Paris for a while. Who doesn't like Paris? (I don't really, I'd certainly prefer London to Paris, there are different reasons for that - may be it is just because I do not like the French language? But... but in this movie, I do.) The narrow and winding paved streets with little cafés every now and then on the corners, old bridges and silent waters of the Seine; muted talks and lit rooms behind the slightly open windows in the evening, the gentle breeze peeking in, carrying all sorts of scents; and the freedom, the overwhelming freedom in the air. Remy loves Paris in the movie, and so do I.

6. I adore the graphics of the film.

7. Love line

8. Kitchen

9. Music, voices

10. Linguini is pretty much like Paul