The Vietnam War and the American Psyche

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The Vietnam War and the American Psyche by Mind Map: The Vietnam War and the American Psyche

1. The "American War"

1.1. Domino Theory

1.1.1. "If the only one falls, the other following"

1.2. 1963 : First sent military ( 16,000 soldiers)

1.3. Differents Strategies

1.3.1. pacification programmes

1.3.2. economics aids

1.3.3. political intervention ex : Nomination of The South Vietnam President

1.3.4. Frontal Attack ex : heavy bombing on North Vietnam

2. Deeper Into The Quagmire

2.1. At the Home Front

2.1.1. American questioned the administration

2.1.2. Contestation movement against the war No-Violent Marches Manifestation

2.2. In Vietnam

2.2.1. Demotivation The army don't see the end of War

3. The Point Of No Return

3.1. 1968 Têt Offensive

3.1.1. The Têt is the new year celebration in Vietnam Contrary to all expectations, the North launch massive attack in the South It's a real slap for US Army

3.1.2. It causes the defeat of the US president L.B Jonhson In 1968 Richard Nixon was elected grace at his "secret plan"

4. Nixon's "secret plan"

4.1. A gradual withdrawal of US Troop

4.1.1. 1972 the nombre of US soldiers in Vietnam came down to 24,200

4.2. Peace Mission

4.2.1. Ceasefire in 1973

4.3. USA Disengagement

4.3.1. 1975 : Congress refuse to give aid package to the South

5. Echoes of the war

5.1. 1994 end of the Embargo

5.2. Politicals relation improve

5.2.1. Visit of Bill Clinton in mid-november 2000 2010 Vietnam enter in ASEAN

6. The Beginnings

6.1. 1954 July 21th : End of Indochina War

6.1.1. Independence of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam

6.1.2. Vietnam Partition South Vietnam called Republic of Vietnam Steady by West Bloc North Vietnam called Republic Democratic of Vietnam Steady by East Bloc

6.2. 1955 beginning of the War between the South and the North

6.2.1. USA is then just financial and logistics supports

7. Vietnam by digital ways

7.1. A quizz about Vietnam War

7.2. The Vietnam War seen by Hollywood with gloggster

7.3. A online timeline

8. The Final days and after

8.1. 1975 : Last Americans leaving from the roof of CIA building : the end

8.1.1. It is the first time when the USA lose a war Veteran are victims of the silence law

8.1.2. The USA lose of their leadership 1979 : Islamic Revolution in Iran 1991 : 1st Gulf War 11/11/2001 : Word Trade Center attack