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Chapter 1: A Family Emergency

A family of Humans live in an apartment

The Pompaday's

A family of beetles live in the wall of an apartment

Marvin (Main Character)



Uncle Albert

Aunt Elaine

Main Points

Event: Mrs. Pompaday dropped her contact in the drain

Problem: The beetles were concerned that a plumber would come, find the rotting wall and ruin their home

The Plan: Marvin would swim in the drain and find the contact

Chapter 2: Down the Drain


Marvin goes down a drain to get M.s Pampadays contact lens back.


Mama goes down the drain with Marvin to get the contact lens back.

Uncle Albert

Uncle Albert kept a lookout so that the humans don't send Mama and Marvin down the drain.

Chapter 3: The Birthday Party

James is sad because none of his friends came only the kids of the clients his mom works for.

Karl (James's first dad) gave him a pen-and-ink set for James's birthday and I don't think he likes his gift.

Marvin and his family are trying the best they can to find the greatest gift to give James for his birthday.

Chapter 4: A Present for James

Marvin and his family came up with giving him a buffalo nickel for his birthday. So Marvin is going to deliver the present to him.