Evaluation Question 7

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Evaluation Question 7 by Mind Map: Evaluation Question 7

1. Continously Editing

2. Eventhough our preliminary task was planned well, and the script was made for Carl and Freddie, we still made up a few scenes on the go as we weren't too sure if they'd fit within the film. This did result in us having a lack of variety with our camera angles and movements. With our finish thriller film, we made sure the storyboard was done perfect, and that every scene was well thought about and the camera angles were slightly different throughout every shot.

3. Looking back at our preliminary task, you can easily notice we made a few errors, and some shots were poorly done. But when comparing our preliminary to our final thriller opening, you can see a massive improvement in every aspect of our work.

4. The start of our preliminary task starts well with our continously editing, such as the match-on-action. This follows through to the next shot as Carl opens the door. This was done very well, and is nearly edited perfectly. We never used a eye-line match, as all of our shots were done in middle shot, which appears to be very boring. Whereas in our final thriller opening, we used a varity of continously editing and camera angles. This adds to the thrill of our unseen plot twist, whilist the shots slowly give away the plot of the our final thriller, but it isn't too obvious.

5. But as the next scene takes place, it's noticable that the lack of angles and movement within the scene creates disataster as the scenes appear to be static and lifeless. So the story seems boring due to this fact. There are a few continous errors with the regards to Freddie getting up off of the chair, which appears as if he's jumping off the chair, here we needed another shot as Freddie stands up, which would have flowed better. The quality of the shot was ruined as we move outside of the classroom, when the lighting from the window takes over Freddies face, and then the camera focus slowly changes the colour from very dark to normal saturation. The quality of the camera movements and angles was improved substantially. As we demonstrated a very wide variation of skills used. Such as the camera angles, movements and quailty of the final shot. This helped us create the perfectly edited final thriller opening, with suspence, tention and thrill to keep the audience's attention, which we lacked in our preliminary task.

6. Throughout our preliminary task we only used on-screen, diegetic sound. This was used with the dialogue and some sound effects, such as the door and the footsteps. We also failed to use the mircophone thorughout the scenes as we forgot to use it, this effected our film a lot, as it appears to echo a lot and the sound is sometimes muffled. With the lack of the non-diegetic sound, it is impossiable to add suspence and tension as the plot twist is revealed, this really ruined our preliminary task as it seems really boring and nothing exciting happens. The sound changes from Carl running out of door to Alex's PoV shot, this scene is very loud, and could have had lower audio levels. Whereas in our final thriller opening we used non-diegetic soundtracks throughout the scenes to add tention, as the sound booms and the fast running soundtrack really adds something extra to give the audinece the "edge of their seat experience". This helped us add excitment, to withhold the audiences attention.

7. Overall I belive we improved a substantial amount, as we started to explore more and more camera angles, editing techniques and we had a better understanding of Final Cut Express. I have learned how to become a better cinematographer and director as the quality and professional look of our final film is apparent.

8. Camera Angles and Movements

9. Sound