Equity,Work and Health Issues (Second Edition)

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Equity,Work and Health Issues (Second Edition) by Mind Map: Equity,Work and Health Issues (Second Edition)

1. Work Issues

1.1. Change in Nature of Work

1.2. Telecommuting

1.3. Flexible Working Hours

1.4. Working Monitoring

1.5. Virtual Organization

1.6. Video Conderecing

2. Work an Health Issues

2.1. Computer-related Diseases

2.1.1. Repetitive Strain Injury

2.1.2. Computer Vision Syndrome

2.2. Ergonomics

2.2.1. Ergonomic devices Ergonomics mouse Ergonomics keyboard Adustable monitor

2.2.2. Placement of Furniture

2.2.3. Design of Software For disaabilities How to work comfortably

2.2.4. Health Guidelines well-designed working area Alternate work activities Take frequent breaks Sufficient stretching exercise Eliminate surrounding noise

3. Equity of Access

3.1. Pros and Cons of Freedom of Information on the Internet

3.1.1. Pros Providing various kinds of informatio Mostly free of charge Up-to-date information is available

3.1.2. Cons Uncensored information Unreliable, fake and dangerous information Addiction to Internet

3.2. Digital Divide

3.3. Gender Equity

3.3.1. Solutions Encouraging women's participation in appropriate IT courses Make women more comfortable in ghe culture of technology Design programs with interfaces that cater equallt to both genders

3.4. Access for the Disabled

4. Conequences of Indulging in Internet Activities

4.1. impair real life relationship

4.2. financial problem

5. Note

5.1. Power Consumption

5.1.1. Brightness Higher Bightness, Higher consumption

5.1.2. Screeen Resolution Doesn't affect the power consumption as the pixels used for displaying is same