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Deena DeVito by Mind Map: Deena DeVito
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Deena DeVito

orange juice

orange trees

about 1-2 week(s), I will use only the orange juice I need and be sure not to take more than I can drink.

nail polish


about 2 years, when applying the nailpolish, I will use one coat per nail instead of two and use less.

tooth brush


3 monthes, Instead of throwing my old toothbrush away I will use it as a cleaning utensil around the house.



About 1 month, My family and I will switch from paper napkins to cloth napkins that we can wash and reuse.


cotton plant

about 3-5 years, When I outgrow my jeans, I will cut them up and use them as rags for cleaning around the house.

tennis shoes

oil/cotton plant

about 1 year, After I have outgrown my shoes I will use them as a decorative planter in the spring.


cotton plant

about 2-3 years, Instead of throwing it away, I will donate it to our local Salvation Army or to a younger person I know.


cotton plant

about 5-7 years, I will cut my sheets into rags to use for cleaning around the house or to wash my parent's cars (on the grass:).



about 3-5 years, After it breaks I can use the pieces to make a recycled art project for my mom :)



about 1-2 week(s), I will take only the amount of milk that I'm going to drink. If I have extra from my cereal or something I will let my dog have it instead of just throwing in out.



about 2-3 weeks, I will use a teaspoon sized amount instead of a tablespoon sized amount.

shoe laces

cotton plant

about 1 year, After they become too dirty to use I will wash them, tie them together and use them to as toys for my cats instead of buying some from the store.



between 10-15 years, Intead of buying the books I like, I will rent them from the library if I want to read them.


coco beans

about 5 days, When I have a piece of chocolate I will only have one block instead of two. That way the chocolate bar will last longer.



about 10-20 years, If the mirror breaks, I will use the pieces to make a cool, shiny art project.

Lucky Charms

whole grain oats

about 3 weeks, I will use a smaller bowl when I'm eating it so that I will take less and the cereal will last for longer.

cell phone


about 2 years, After my 2 year contract for my phone is up, I will use the same phone for the next 2 years instead of getting a new one and throwing my old one away.


cotton plant

about 5-7 years, I will give my comforter to my dogs to that they can use it as a comfy bed :)


trees and graphite

about 3 days, I will be more careful to not be careless and lose it, and I will be more careful when sharpening it so that it will not break.



about 5-7 years, I will keep up with the maintenance on my car so that it will last longer.


cotton plant

about 2-3 years, I will send any old jackets I have to Haiti to help survivors of the earthquakes that happened there.



about 2 months, I will only use 2 shakes of salt on my food instead of 3-5.



about 1 week, Take only what I'm definitley going to eat. Give any leftovers to my dog instead of throwing them away.



about 3 years, After I go for my checkup, if my prescription has changed I will use the same frames as before.



about 1 year, I will wash my old socks and decorate them to look like puppets, then use them to entertain the children I babysit.



about 1.5 months, I will use a pea-sized amount of toothpast instead of a dime sized amount.



about 5 years, I will donate my old TV to a family in need that doesn't have one.