Marie Koder

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Marie Koder by Mind Map: Marie Koder

1. Pillow

1.1. cotton

1.1.1. 5 years Reuse the old pillow as an extra to put on your bed or put it on the bottom of your other pillow as to make it bigger.

2. Shorts

2.1. Oil

2.1.1. 7 years Reuse as a rag to clean the dog's feet off.

3. Milk

3.1. Cow

3.1.1. 1 week(for entire carton) Recycle the box

4. Glasses

4.1. Sand/metal

4.1.1. 2-3 years(frames)i year(lenses) Reuse the old frames to put new lenses in when you need to.

5. Blanket

5.1. Cotton

5.1.1. 10 years Donate

6. Water

6.1. water

6.1.1. 67 gallons Use a lower pressure shower head as to not go full blast and use more water.

7. Bowl

7.1. Porcelain

7.1.1. 20 years Reuse it has a planter.

8. Jeans

8.1. Cotton

8.1.1. 5 years Make sandbags to practice archery.

9. Hairband

9.1. Oil

9.1.1. 7 years Reuse.You can make it into a bracelet.

10. Ipod

10.1. Oil/Sand

10.1.1. 2 years Reuse-Sell it.

11. Eyeliner

11.1. Petroleum

11.1.1. 1 years Recycle the plastic tube.

12. Perfume

12.1. Water

12.1.1. 2-3 years Reuse the bottle to put a flower in.

13. Toothbrush

13.1. Oil

13.1.1. 3 months Reuse to clean the turle's water bowl.

14. Tote bag

14.1. Cotton

14.1.1. 20 years Reuse as a grocery bag.

15. Light bulb

15.1. Sand/oil

15.1.1. 3 months Reduce-Don't waste it by turning on the lights during the day.And when it is not needed.

16. Pencil

16.1. tree

16.1.1. 1 week Reduce-write smaller as to use less lead.Therefore you can use the pencil longer.

17. Mousse

17.1. Water

17.1.1. 6 months Reudce.You cna use less of the mousse at one time.So don't glob it on.

18. Listerine mouth wash

18.1. water

18.1.1. 4 months You could reuse the bottle for an art project.

19. Chips(a family sized bag)

19.1. grain

19.1.1. 3 days Reduce-Eat smaller helpings.

20. Computer

20.1. Oil/sand

20.1.1. 4 years Repair it so you can reuse it.Also if it is slowing down you can update its software that way you do not have to get a new one.

21. Leggings

21.1. Oil

21.1.1. 2 years Reuse-You can cut it up and use it has a hairband.

22. Bread(a loaf)

22.1. grain

22.1.1. 1 week Reduce-Use less like instead of using two slices to make a sandwich use one slice then fold it over to make your sandwich.

23. Nail clippers

23.1. stainless steel

23.1.1. 5 years Reuse-You can re-sharpen them so you can continue to use them instead of getting new ones.

24. Thread

24.1. Cotton

24.1.1. 1 year Reduce.Like when you are making a bracelet and you cut extra from the finished product do not watse that extra string.You can reuse it for something else.

25. Beads

25.1. Oil

25.1.1. 3 years Reuse-Take from old projects and reuse them on new ones.

26. Clock

26.1. Oil/Sand

26.1.1. 5 years You can reuse it by taking out the mechanical parts and use the face of it as a frisbee.Also remove the glass.