Bill McCune

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Bill McCune by Mind Map: Bill McCune

1. toilet

1.1. Clay

1.1.1. 20 Years When it gets replaced, I'll turn it into a plain old chair

2. ID

2.1. Petroleum

2.1.1. 9 months I will cut into a bunch of picks because I tend to loose mine a lot

3. Chair

3.1. Clay

3.1.1. 5 years I won't throw it through a second story window into incoming traffic

4. Bass

4.1. Maple

4.1.1. 50 Years I will use it until it falls apart

5. Pillow

5.1. Cotton

5.1.1. 15 years I can turn it into a pair of ear muffs

6. Alarm Clock

6.1. Petroleum

6.1.1. 5 years I will take it apart for scrap parts

7. Batteries

7.1. Lithium

7.1.1. 2 days I will use rechargable batteries instead of the normal that die in 2 days

8. Toaster

8.1. Iron

8.1.1. 5 Years I will use it as a recyclying bin after it is gutted for parts

9. Mattess

9.1. Iron

9.1.1. 20 years I'll use it as a mattress, not as a slide for going down the stairs, that wears out the bottom

10. Tomato Sauce

10.1. Tomatoes

10.1.1. 1 Day I will use my nieghbors homegrown tomatoes

11. Mouse

11.1. Petroleum

11.1.1. 5 Years I won't throw it against a brick wall when a game makes me angry

12. Oven

12.1. Iron

12.1.1. 3 months I will replace it with a modern oven, since this on is over 20 years old

13. Sneakers

13.1. Petroleum

13.1.1. 1 year I'll put them onto a lawn gnome, their feet get horribly cold during the winter

14. Sheets

14.1. Cotton

14.1.1. 15 Years I will turn it into a parachute for my sister's hamster

15. Stereo

15.1. Petroleum

15.1.1. 10 Years I will leave it unplugged when I'm not using it because there is a little red light that goes on when its off

16. Spoon

16.1. Iron

16.1.1. 20 Years I will use an ice cream scoop instead of a it

17. Drink Pouch

17.1. Lemons

17.1.1. 1 month I'll put the drink into a water bottle instead of a convienent disposable pouch

18. Microwave

18.1. Petroleum

18.1.1. 5 Years I will gut it and then use the shell as a planter

19. Socks

19.1. Cotton

19.1.1. 1 year I' turn them into horn warmers for my brother, the antichrist

20. T-Shirt

20.1. Cotton

20.1.1. 1 Year I will donate it to the salvation army along with any other clothes I outgrow

21. CD's

21.1. Petroleum

21.1.1. 25 years I will use an Mp3 player intead of a cd player, removing the need for cd's completely

22. Water

22.1. Water

22.1.1. 200 gallons I could take a shower every other day instead of every day

23. Lightbulbs

23.1. Sand

23.1.1. 1 year Replace them with Florecent bulbs

24. Shampoo

24.1. New node

24.1.1. 6 months I'll get shampoo made from ecologically friendly chemicals

25. Shower

25.1. Copper

25.1.1. 20 Years I will replace the shower head with one that is stops the flow of water, but keeps it hot

26. Jeans

26.1. Cloth

26.1.1. 1 Year I will turn them into a tent, then go camping and become one with nature