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Jessica's Eco-Web by Mind Map: Jessica's Eco-Web

1. Ranch Dressing

1.1. water

1.1.1. three months I would either use the bottle as a squirt bottle with water in or I would use a smaller amount on salads

1.2. Ranch dressing

2. ID/Landyard

2.1. oil

2.1.1. a year Put the ID in a scrapook and reuse the landyard for other school years.

2.2. Landyard and ID

3. Cell Phone

3.1. oil

3.1.1. two years I would either donate the cell phone to the troop or give it as a toy without the battery to a baby.

3.2. Cell phone

4. Purse

4.1. cotton

4.1.1. three years I would cut up and make a smaller purse with the scraps

4.2. purse

5. Glasses

5.1. oil

5.1.1. one year I would give them to an eye doctor so they could either melt down the frames or use them for something else.

6. Jeans

6.1. cotton

6.1.1. one to two years Put scraps together and make a new pair of jeans

7. Mayonasse

7.1. water

7.1.1. one and a half months I would plant a plant in the container.

8. Bra

8.1. cotton

8.1.1. one to two years I would use it as either a slingshot or a shampoo holder in the shower.

8.2. Bra

9. Table

9.1. Trees

9.1.1. Twenty years I will cut up the wood to make fire wood or sculpt a new table out of the used wood.

9.2. table

10. Perfume

10.1. oil

10.1.1. seven months I will use the perfume more sparingly.

10.2. perfume

11. Sneakers

11.1. oil

11.1.1. one year I will give them to either a collective organization for people without shoes or make playground mulch with them.

11.2. sneakers

12. Piano

12.1. Trees

12.1.1. ten to twenty years I won't pound on it and i will get it tuned to make it survive loger.

12.2. piano

13. Lotion

13.1. water

13.1.1. three months I will add abit of water to the lotion to make it last longer.

13.2. lotion

14. Book

14.1. Tree

14.1.1. 10 years I will hare the book with my friends.

14.2. books

15. Popcorn

15.1. Corn

15.1.1. one day I would repop the kernles that were unpoped.

15.2. Popcorn

16. Hairtie

16.1. Oil

16.1.1. Six Months I will tie broken one together to make new one.

16.2. Hairtie

17. Shampoo

17.1. water

17.1.1. Three weeks I would mix water with the shampoo to make it last longer.

17.2. Shampoo

18. Conditioner

18.1. Water

18.1.1. Three weeks I would add water to the conditioner to make it last longer.

18.2. conditioner

19. Towel

19.1. Cotton

19.1.1. four years I would use it longer before washing and would keep it in best condition, using it till its ripped and old

19.2. towel

20. Soap

20.1. oil

20.1.1. three weeks I would use all the small left ove pieces in a seep-hrough bag

20.2. soap

21. Lettice

21.1. lettice

21.1.1. a week I would put it in a compost pile

21.2. lettice

22. Hand Sanitizer

22.1. sugar

22.1.1. six months I would put lotion in the bottle

23. Toothbrush

23.1. oil

23.1.1. six months I would scrub the floor or crevises with them

24. Cereal

24.1. Grain

24.1.1. Three weeks I would use the box as fire starters.

24.2. Cereal

25. Pens

25.1. oil

25.1.1. two months I would buy refills to the pens instead of buying a whole other pen

25.2. pens

26. Paper

26.1. Trees

26.1.1. One day I would burn it and use it to help start a fire once I'm done using it.

26.2. paper