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CV that Speaks-Up by Mind Map: CV that Speaks-Up
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CV that Speaks-Up

This mindmap is a work of:Dr. Weam BanjarDr. Alaa Qarifor

CV Tips


DO write your own CV

DO find your thesaurus. List of action verbs (page7).

DO use professional language

DO proofread your CV several times


DON'T go wild with the design of your CV

DON'T rigidly follow a template

DON'T ramble on, be brief!

DON'T skimp when printing your CV

DON'T plagiarize. Click for plagiarism checker

CV Goals

Summary of Skills and Accomplishment

Gate Opener that introduces applicants to committee


Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Sample 5

CV Sections


Full Name: First and Last

Permanent Address: city, country and zipcode

Current address: city, country, and zipcode

Email Address: professional (

Phone Number(s)


Degrees Earned

Schools Attended

Areas of Study

Academic Honors and Awards


Thesis Work

In chronological order from the most recent to the oldest

Dates (from - to), if present say from xxxx-present


Computer Skills


statistical packages

Others if applicable

Educational activities

given by you





Professional membership

start with active membership, state date of expiration

Professional Experience

Practice of Dentistry, Internship, Summer Training

Research Experience

Relevant Work Experience

Public Health or Related Health Experience

For Each Section, Employer/ Investigator and Institution, Average Hours/Week, Dates of Service, Brief Description of Responsibility, Position Title


classify them into: peer-review, non-peer review and proceedings

start with the most recent

Work experience

in chronological order

start with the most recent

position, brief job description if applicable

Mapping your CV

CV writing additional resource