Stephanie Rosenberger

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Stephanie Rosenberger by Mind Map: Stephanie Rosenberger

1. Cell Phone

1.1. Oil

1.1.1. 2 Years After you upgrade and get a new phone donate your old one to cell phones for soldiers.

2. Napkins

2.1. Trees

2.1.1. 4 Months Keep the used napkins in a seperate area and use as a fire starter.

3. Converse shoes

3.1. Oil

3.1.1. 1 year Once you are done you clean them out and put soil in them to plant a plant.

4. Corn

4.1. Corn

4.1.1. 3 days Let the kernals dry out and plant them for more corn.

5. Potatoes

5.1. Potatoes

5.1.1. 2 weeks Old potatoes begin to grow eyes. Plant the eyes to acquire more potatoes.

6. Hair Tie

6.1. Cotton

6.1.1. 1 year You can get your hair cut short or use the hair tie to hold together a deck of cards.

7. Pillows

7.1. Cotton

7.1.1. 2 Years Once you get annoyed with your pillows yu can sew them together and make a dog bed.

8. Ceramic Plate

8.1. Clay

8.1.1. 6 Years Use to paint on and hang as art work

9. Plastic cup

9.1. Oil

9.1.1. 2 years After you replace them use as a container to hold things in.

10. Water

10.1. water

10.1.1. 80 gallons per day TO use less water take shorter showers.

11. Tooth Brush

11.1. Oil

11.1.1. 6 months Once you get a new one at dentist use the old one to clean your house or hard to reach areas.

12. Books

12.1. Trees

12.1.1. 3 Years Once all your friends and family have read the book donate to your local library.

13. Floss

13.1. wax

13.1.1. 3 weeks After you use do not throw away use as a object to hang things up with.

14. Cover Up

14.1. Water

14.1.1. 10 Months To use less acquire a better acne product.

15. Hair Brush

15.1. Oil

15.1.1. 1 Year Once your hair brush is old and you want a new one use your old hair brush for your dog.

16. Vegetable Oil

16.1. Vegetables

16.1.1. 7 Months If there is extra use as a lubricant.

17. Chapstick

17.1. Petroleum

17.1.1. 1 Month To reduce the amount you buy make sure you use every last bit before you throw the chapstick out.

18. TV

18.1. Oil

18.1.1. 5 years Once the tv dies you can keep the old wires just incase your new on needs them.

19. Bar soap

19.1. Cow

19.1.1. 1 Month To reduse the amount you have to buy avoid letting soap touch water. Unless necessary.

20. Jeans

20.1. Cotton

20.1.1. 1 year Once you dont like the skinny jean style anymore just cut your jeans into shorts.