Educational Technology

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Educational Technology by Mind Map: Educational Technology

1. K-12 Students Today

1.1. Students are 21st Century Learners

1.1.1. 14% of teachers Create somthing new using technology 63% never do

2. Looking Foward and Backward

2.1. From the One Room Schools To Online Class Rooms

3. Education Technology Reform

3.1. 50% of 21 year olds have contact on the web. 70% of 4 year olds have used a computer

3.1.1. If myspace was a country would be the 8th largest country in the world

4. 3 Phases

4.1. 1st Phase- Dynamic Presentation Replaces Chalkboards catching students attention with light

4.1.1. 2nd Phase- Computers for students replaces textbooks 3rd Phase- Advanced- The complete circle for students to become the Producer, Publisher, Audience, Peer Viewer