Great Scott!!! Look At these blogs

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Great Scott!!! Look At these blogs by Mind Map: Great Scott!!! Look At these blogs

1. Pandora

1.1. I personally love Pandora and it my favorite way t listen to music, this blog lets me know the inside scoop on new music and other things related to my favorite artists.

2. Amazon Best Seller

2.1. This blog lets me see what other people are buying in the terms of books and movies I'm able to see if I am part of the top 10 books and musics, and lets me know what the humans on earth are enjoying

3. Oregon Music News

3.1. Well, if I ever travel to Oregon I will know everything I need to know about the music scene. I can see what garage bands are popular, and see if they happened to also be playing somewhere in Los Angeles

4. Music For Robots

4.1. Now, since I am doc brown the scientist I find great joy in learning about the cultures of other sub species. Music for robots let me see what's happening with techno music and other electronica genres. You can even download music!!

5. Free Music Downloads!

5.1. Now I wouldn't consider myself a law abiding citizen, so I have no problem illegally downloading music. This site is fantastic because it's virus free, and allows me to get all my favorite music for absolutely no price!!!