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Perez Hilton Blog

He talks about celebrities

He amateurly photoshops famous people pictures

He likes to gossip

Man Law Blog

Real men wear pink

In case of emergency, it is totally acceptable to give man to man mouth but don't ever talk about it

There no leftovers when eating steak

No man shall shave their armpits, it is a sign of feminism

Men like to kick cats

My Life Is Average

This morning I was taking a shower. While I was shaving my legs, I lost my balance and fell over, out of the shower. My husband came rushing in wearing a cape, set me back in the shower, and ran out again. I think I married a superhero.

Today, I tried to push my glasses up the bridge of my nose and poked myself in the eye. Turns out I'm wearing my contacts today. MLIA.

I'm English. Over here we love people with an American accent as much as you love people over there with 'British' accents. I never really thought about this before. MLIA

Oddly Enough Blog

Chupacabra may be a kind of dog

About news but not the serious kind


Failblog is about fails

Attention: Please stop urinating on the door handle. Thank you! -Edens/Higginson Staff

Polar Bear Win