Plastic Surgery

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Plastic Surgery by Mind Map: Plastic Surgery

1. Boobies that are to big are a turn off.

1.1. Men should never get hteir cheek bones done.

1.1.1. Mr Basinger should never ever get plastic surgery of he will bwcome a very unattractive man. woman without a beard seem more normal than those with.

2. Most woman look better without the plastic surgery.

2.1. plastic surgery doesn't keep you alove for ever.

2.1.1. Dat plans to get a girlfriend with double d braw size. so that it will fulfill his sexual desires and stop him from committing suicide.

3. Mr Basinger is content with his wife.

3.1. you will not be fully dsatisfied once you start plastic surgery.

4. just becasue you had plastic surgery doesn't mean you're attractive.

4.1. just because plastic surgery exsist dosn;t mean that you should get any.