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Moda by Mind Map: Moda

1. Contact

2. about me

3. Press

4. Godaddy

4.1. Slash Official site

5. moda

5.1. Home

5.1.1. 14 photos Title Short description Details (Link)

5.1.2. Slash

5.1.3. Social media Facebook Tumblr Twitter Pinterest Google +

5.1.4. Blog (Masonry) Date Category Gallery Collections Blog Press Collaborations Tags (Keywords) Twitter Comment cnt Pagination Search Copyright Arthur

5.1.5. Blog/post Comment Name Email Telphone Comment title picture + content pictures

5.1.6. Gallery Illustration Mix Media Photography Video Icon Video icon Still icon

5.1.7. Collections Types Collaboration ModaRevise Albums Album photo Photos

5.1.8. To Shop

5.1.9. Press

5.1.10. Contact Us/ About Us

6. Open questions

6.1. How many pictures should a post have?