Raumati Radical Readers circle

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Raumati Radical Readers circle by Mind Map: Raumati Radical Readers circle

1. contact list

2. ephemera

2.1. "The boy and the world" film

2.2. In the news

2.2.1. Fossil fuel divestment talk with Ashlee Gross of 350 Aotearoa, 20 August, Kapiti College Hall 7pm.

2.2.2. dirty scumbag politics Blog post: Rotten politics is breaking our democracy by Andy Williamson

2.2.3. climate voter debate

2.2.4. "Wellbeing Economics: Future Directions for New Zealand" by Paul Dalziel Caroline Saunders - launching 15 June '14

2.3. Sustainable Lens interview with Stephen B

3. c'mon, step back a second

3.1. Study circles, salons & discussion groups - the citizens handbook

4. 2014

4.1. circle #1 notes

4.1.1. Other books? Debt: The First 5,000 Years by David Graeber The Debt Resisters' Operations Manual Psychology for a Better World: Strategies to Inspire Sustainability http://www.psych.auckland.ac.nz/en/about/our-staff/academic-staff/niki-harre/psychologyforabetterworld.html www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zExibEV_PY‎ One Dimensional Man by Herbert Marcuse http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One-Dimensional_Man

4.1.2. That article that Jake shared Climate Change Needs the Politics of the Impossible by Jedediah Purdy http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/04/06/climate-change-needs-the-politics-of-the-impossible.html

4.2. circle #2 - Mon 26 May

4.2.1. Venue: olde pub, Raumati Beach

4.2.2. "Think Like a Commoner" by David Bollier The book The book website Author's website "What is the commons" video

4.3. circle #3 - 29 June

4.3.1. Ivan Illich other books/ links Tools for Conviviality (1973) Deschooling society (1970) PDF version New Idea

4.3.2. Venue: olde pub, Raumati Beach

4.4. circle #4 - 4 August

4.4.1. Margaret Atwood - Year of the Flood

4.5. circle # 5 - 8 Sept

4.5.1. "The Inequality Debate: A New Zealand Introduction" by Max Rashbrooke

4.6. circle #6 - 13 October

4.6.1. "report on experience" by John Mulgan RNZ story " "report on experience" by John Mulgan "Long Journey to the Border" by Vincent O'Sullivan Te Ara bio

4.7. circel # 7 - 17 Nov

4.7.1. Naomi Klein "The Shock Doctrine" (2007) http://youtu.be/hA736oK9FPg Other books "This changes everything: climate vs capitalism" (2014)

4.8. circle #8 15 December '14

4.8.1. Psychology for a Better World: Strategies to Inspire Sustainability by Nikki Harre

5. 2015

5.1. circle #9 - 9 March

5.2. circle #10 - xx April '15

6. Lists

6.1. long list c. 2014

6.1.1. Jeremey Rifkin The Empathetic Civilization (2009) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7AWnfFRc7g http://empathiccivilization.com/ The Zero Marginal Cost Society (2014) http://www.thezeromarginalcostsociety.com/

6.1.2. "Prosperity without growth" by Tim Jackson TedTalk - an economic reality check Deakin Lecture via ABC, 2010 Prosperity without Growth Economics for a Finite Planet (2012)

6.1.3. "Collapse" by Jarrod Diamond The author's website Book reference

6.1.4. Lev Il'ič Mečnikov (1838-1888)

6.1.5. "Cancel the Apocalypse" by Andrew Simms

6.1.6. "Capital in the 21st Century" by Thomas Piketty

6.1.7. "The World We Made" by Jonathan Porritt

6.1.8. "The Aviator" by Gareth Renowden

6.1.9. "The unusual life of Tristan Smith" by Peter Carey

6.1.10. "Never Let a Serious Crisis Go to Waste" (2013), Philip Mirowksi

6.1.11. "Capitalism: A Ghost Story" by Arundhati Roy

6.1.12. "the great transition" new economics foundation

6.1.13. "Fretful sleeps" by Bill Pearson

6.1.14. "Beyond the Free Market: Rebuilding a just society in New Zealand" (2014) Edited byDavid Cooke, Claire Hill, Pat Baskett & Ruth Irwin

6.1.15. "Feral" by George Monbiot TedTalk from 2013

6.1.16. "Sacred economics" (2011) by Charles Einsenstein

6.1.17. "The Occupy Handbook" edited by Janet Byrne

6.1.18. "Don't ever think about it: how our brains are hardwired to ignore climate change" by George Marshall (Aug 2014)

6.1.19. "Hidden Agendas: what we need to know about the TPPA" by Jane Kelsey (2013)

6.1.20. "The Estgablishment (and How They Get Away with It" by Owen Jones

6.1.21. "Six Capitals: the Revolution Capitalism Has to Have - or Can Accountants Save the Planet?" by Jane Gleeson-White (2014) Interview by Kim Hill, 6 Dec '14

6.1.22. "Join the Club: How Peer Pressure Can Transform the World" by Tina Rosenberg (2012)

6.1.23. "From Arrogance to Intimacy: a handbook for active democracies" by Andy Williamson & Martin Sande (2014)

6.1.24. 'At the Margin of Empire: John Webster and the Hokianga, 1842-1900' by Jennifer Ashton

6.2. 2015 - initial thoughts

6.2.1. "This changes everything" by Naomi Klein

6.2.2. "From Arrogance to Intimacy: a handbook for active democracies" by Andy Williamson & Martin Sande (2014)

6.2.3. Tim suggestion on land reform

6.2.4. New Topic

6.2.5. New Topic