Folktale Comparison

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Folktale Comparison by Mind Map: Folktale Comparison

1. Both teach a lesson, talking about who you can trust.

2. Both stories have supernatural elements. Chinese story includes talking animals and Vietnamese story includes a fairy and a magical clay pot.

3. Both contain flat characters that are either good or evil, such as the good dog and evil cat, and the good older sister and evil younger sister.

4. The Chinese story does not have a happy ending as the dog is left out, but in the Vietnamese story the ending is happy, as the older sister gets to marry the prince.

5. Both characters have tasks they must accomplish to win over the favor of their family or owners.

6. In the Chinese story, the cat and dog must go on a journey to find the mouse, while in the Vietnamese story, the sister does not have an actual difficult journey to go on.

7. The Chinese story was much shorter, focused on general descriptions of the plot, while the Vietnamese story was more detailed and gave the dialogue between characters.



10. "In The Land of Small Dragon" (Vietnam) and "Why Cats and Dogs are Enemies" (China)