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The Property Procedure by Mind Map: The Property Procedure
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The Property Procedure


1.1 Decide To Move

1.2 Carry Out Repairs

1.3 Research The Local Market

1.4 Select a Real Estate Agent

1.5 Prepare Your Home and Market it

1.6 Guide Viewers

1.7 Deal With Offers and Agree on a Price

1.8 Exchange Contracts

1.9 Complete Contracts


2.1 Can I Afford it

2.2 Arrange Mortgage Agreement in Principle

2.3 Choose Your Property Type

2.4 Research The Market

2.5 Where? Pick Location

2.6 Brief Agents - Make Your Needs Clear

2.7 Sort Out a Legal Representative

2.8 View Properties. Could You Live There?

2.9 Negotiate a Price

2.10 Confirm Mortgage

2.11 Pay The Money and Move In


3.1 Who is Going To Move You

3.2 Get a Quote

3.2 Book a Date

3.3 Register Your Property