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Plone Open Garden 2014 by Mind Map: Plone Open Garden 2014
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Plone Open Garden 2014

Generational relay

"Open Advice"

Turnover in commuinty, Common across all long running projects., Debian: 7 years

Poor planning for succession

Loss of leadership, Limi, Figurehead, rallying point, "The open source world does many things brilliantly, but one thing it does badly is planning for leadership succession." - Glynn Moody, Learning from Diaspora, Cultivating that next generation of community leaders, Find the people that know how to inspire others, Mentor them, Bring in new participants, Make it easy for them to participate, Communicate, Accountability, No team operates on an island, Not producing, we find new leadership

Change in community

Expansion, Active core contributors has increased by 16% over the past 12 months, Losses have been replaced by a larger number of contributors, Less dependent on individual developers, More overlap in skillsets, Carve out their own ( smaller) niches

Atrophy of "soft skills", We've placed so much emphasis and praise on the idea of the"core committer" that we've lost sight of all those non-code contributions we need to survive., Let's go with "Core Contributor" instead, Stop diminishing (unintentionally) non code contributions

Community is larger and more diverse than ever, Geographically, Expanded from traditional European and US roots, South America, India, Japan, Africa, China

Bringing in new users

Evangelism, "Whenever we hire someone new, I show them one of [Sean Kelly's videos]( so that they know just how great this system is and they say 'Wow, Archetypes is outstanding!' and then I have to try to explain everything that's changed since 2006.", David Bain's Diazo demo, Timo Stollenwerk: Typo3 vs Plone debate

Turning users into contributors, Increasing involvement, Situated Learning, Thinking, Methods, Design discussions, Feature requests, Propose ideas, Bug reports, Problems, Requires up-to-date knowledge of project, Provide more information on changes, project directions, Motivation, Doing, Methods, Fix bugs, Develop features, Problems, Access to code, Contributor agreement, Coredev buildout, Documentation, Translations needed, Confidence, Bug days/ TuneUp, Needs more experts on-hand, Positive social interactions, Events, Mailing lists, IRC, Requires up-to-date knowledge of project, Mentoring, Framework Team champions, Motivation, Skill, Geography, Local ambassadors, Language, Peripheral Access, Share knowledge, IRC, Stack Overflow, Mailing lists, Documentation, Easy access, Easy translation access, Blogs, Improve base, UI Team, Feature requests, Tickets, QA, Translation, Add ons, GSOC, Identity Construction, Identity work, Drupal's status meter, Assigned a numerical value to each community member, Asked about calculation, Refused to disclose, in an effort to prevent people "Gaming the system", "Gaming the system" should mean you're contributing more and publicly. You looking better should be a direct result of you contributing more., profile pages, Teams, Sprints/Events, Stack overflow, Github, Recent commits, Planet plone entries, Chip in/foundation donations, ticket activity., Closed tickets, outstanding issues reported by me, promotes followup, things I commented on, Badges, Core Commiter, Foundation Member, Foundation Board Member, Other group memberships, Conference presentations - plone/python - slides, Social, lanyard?, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google plus, What about businesses/CEO types, "soft skills"? They contribute very differently, Need to place equal importance on these contributions, but metrics are difficult to find for them., Identity regulation, New core developers, Send welcome email, Instructions for getting started, Suggest introducing themselves on plone-dev, Introductions thread?, Will they do that? people are so shy. maybe the mentor does that?, sounds like awesome content for the "new", Offer mentorship opportunies, Mentoring, Core developers, Full stack, Mockups, We need participants, organizers, Leaders, Follow up after 1 month, Recommend teams, based on interests? we talked at length at noisebridge hackerspace on how to get people to hook up based on interest. maybe something here., Mozilla has an interesting choose-your-own-adventure type thing to recommend teams, #plone-framework, Announce new contributors monthly, Foundation funding to get promising new contributors to sprints, Teams structure, Find a special interest, Identify and mentor a new generation of leadership

Impostor syndrome

Denise Paolucci: "Kicking impostor syndrome in the head"

Plone suffers, not just on an individual level, but on a community/project level, Denise's Recommendations, Positive psychology, Individual, News articles recognizing important/interesting contributors, "Code stories", Dreamwidth does release notes in a story format "[Contibutor] fixed a bug preventing users from adding expiration dates more than 5 years in the future.", Link to profile, Cultural, Need to admit, remind ourselves of what Plone/community do really well, Weekly blog posts about something we like about the codebase or community, Part of this is our culture of extreme pragmatism



Activity, Translation of, Core content, Documentation, Newsletters/releases

Needs, Translation status report


Activity, Feature documentation, Interviews with feature implementers, Provides sanity check on new features, Improve existing documentation, Unification of existing docs, Allows packages to maintain their own docs, All in one place for consumers, Style guide for add-ons, Update

Needs, Editing, Language cleanup for non-native English speakers, Writers, Developers to write/review docs


Activity, Feature integration, Solicit, Review, Merge

Needs, PLIP Review checklist, Consistent leadership

Release Team

Installers, Activity, Windows installer, Giacomo Spettoli, Better privilege seperation for root installs, Templer integration?, Smart templer knows where to put things, Create products in src,, Offers to update buildout cfgs, Ease the out-of-Plone move of code, theme, Installer installs templer, templer creates buildout with recipe, Option to run sans documentation, Standardization, Step towards automation, Still shipping with zopeskel, With diazo and dexterity recipes, Vagrant, Quicker startup for development and evaluation, Coredev instance, Third-Party Installers, Digital Ocean, Needs, Good testing and bug reports, Build automation

Release Manager, Activity, Make releases, Ticket hit list, Needs, Time, Fewer packages, Writing help, Eyes on test failures,

Testing and Automation, Activity, Integration with FWT process, Test coverage for PLIPs, Test results for new PLIPs, Setup requires notification of team, What would FWT find useful?, Tests on pull requests, Any code quality changes?, Set status messages on pull requests, Responsibility is not to write tests, but to make testing easier, Robot/selenium, Tests for core, Accessibility testing, Automated screenshots for documentation, Theme previews, Needs, Performance testing


Activity, Feature review, Accessibility guidelines, WCAG guidelines, Already WCAG 2.0a compliant, Working on ATAG compliance

Needs, Automated testing


Activity, Sprint funding, New contributor agreements

Needs, Money


Activity, Audits, Hotfixes, Estimate $40k worth of work put into most recent hotfix

Needs, Communications help, People, Testers?


Activity, Feature review, Best practices, Improve existing features, Content Rules in 4.3

Needs, Designers, JavaScript developers


Marketing, Activity,, Case studies, Created by (company/individual), Links back to profile page, Potential customers may judge you based on your community contributions, Add-ons used, Technologies used, Why are you using Plone?, Selling Plone to your organization/institution, Selling Plone outside of your organization, Fundraising, Individuals, Companies, Why Plone helps make the world a better place., Stories of the sites using Plone, "The ways that people are using Plone are the biggest draw we have. ", Funding levels, We have horrible sponsor badges, Hard for countries with weaker currency to hit our funding levels, We haven't been spending sponsor money well., "Because of you, here are the things we've been able to do.", Board has changed that this year., Needs, Leadership/organization, Openness, Collaboration, Market analysis

Communications, Needs, Identify, Writers, Editors, Interviewers, Sprint, Activity, Interviews with interesting people, Updates from people working on important add ons and components, Status of new features, Team leader report, Monthly, Team updates, Needs, Problems, Successes, Provide editing capabilities for other teams, Mailing list

Website, Activity, redesign, Add-ons, pypi scraping, Products shortlist, "Top 50", Gardened list of well-documented, tested, safe add-ons, Combine subsets as distributions, Education, Government, Blog, Intranet, NGO, Test pending releases against these packages, gives us a good idea of whether changes will break existing sites., Guidelines for what constitutes a, Profiles, Discourse,, Begin sunsetting Nabble, mailing lists, Nabble is antiquated, spam-heavy, Planet.plone redesign, Needs, Developer, integrator help

Admin & Infrastructure

Activity, Moved to Cloudflare CDN,, github migration/maintenance



Plone 5

Features, New folder contents structure, Batch operations, Better Drag & drop, Simplify the management of large volumes of content, Filtering, TinyMCE 4.0, Cleaner, Faster, Mobile friendly, Clear upgrade path, New theme, Diazo based, Out-of-the-box, Responsive, Accessible, WCAG 2.0, Web content accessibility guidelines, ATAG 1.0, Authoring tool accessibility guidelines, CSS font icons, Fewer CSS/JS files, Bootstrap, Tested!,, All the content types you know and love, but backed by the more efficient Dexterity engine, Automated migration for standard content, FormWidgets, Modernize our form widgets, Chameleon, 15-20% Faster page rendering,, Diazo integration without the editing interface headache, Development "paradigms", JavaScript, Mockup, Dependency management, Tested, Patterns, CSS, Bootstrap, plone.api, Developer/integrator-friendly api, Tested, It becomes easier for us to not break your sites., Standardized, portal_skins deprecation, Clear up old tickets (no one wants to touch), Standardize, Testable, All of the actual CMS functions that we've been ignoring for years because they mostly work, Login revamp,, Recurring events, Time zone support, Modern date input widget, Core package consolidation, Makes me happy, Far easier to make releases, Release more often, Easier to debug, The number of packages is TOO DAMN HIGH

Themes, Core sets best practices, Clean up, move on, Optimized, leaner code means easier customizations and faster experience for end users, Externalize/modernize js/CSS, Faster to spin up new developers, back and front end

Achievable, This is a set of things that we can do, And it's still pretty sexy


"Plone 2020", Stagnation of Zope 2, move to Python 3, Choices, Continue on with Zope 2, No Python 3, Absorb Zope 2, Build on "Zope 4" work done, Cleanup, Customization, Simplification, Pyramid, Biggest change, most work, Plone 5's increased separation from backend, Allows us to make larger changes while minimizing impact on existing sites, Code, plone.api, Interactivity, Mockup/Widgets, Visual, Diazo, No concrete action on this yet, but we're discussing it