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Matter by Mind Map: Matter

1. Chemical properties

1.1. Reactivity

1.1.1. Book definition-The property that describes how readily a substance combines chemically with other substances.

1.1.2. My definition-If a substance can chemically combine with another.

1.1.3. Examples-Rusting, iron rusting

1.2. Flammibility

1.2.1. Book definition-ability to burn in the presence of oxygen.

1.2.2. My defnition-Ability to burn.

1.2.3. Examples:burning newspaper, gasoline burning, wood burning.

2. Physical properties

2.1. Malleability

2.1.1. Book definition-The ability of a solid to be hammered without shattering.

2.1.2. My definition- brittleness of an object.

2.1.3. Examples:steel and copper hammering

2.2. Viscosity

2.2.1. Book definition-The tendency of a liquid to keep from flowing.

2.2.2. My definition-How a liquid resists flow.

2.2.3. Examples: corn syrup, molases, honey

2.3. Density

2.3.1. Book definition-Test the purity of a substance.

2.3.2. My definition: Testing the purity though mass.

2.3.3. Examples:Purity of methanol, coin density, silver density

2.4. Boiling point

2.4.1. Book definition:The temperature which a substance boils.

2.4.2. My definition-When a substance boils

2.4.3. Examples:water boiling, table salt boiling

2.5. Conductivity

2.5.1. Book definition-A material's ability to allow heat or electric charges flow.

2.5.2. My defintion:Ability to flow heat or electricity

2.5.3. hot metal spoon in pot, wires

2.6. Melting point

2.6.1. Book definition-the temperature at which a substance goes from solid to liquid.

2.6.2. My definition-The point where it gets hot enough to change a substance .

2.6.3. Examples: ice cubes, gold melting, iron melting

2.7. Hardness

2.7.1. Book definition-the resistance of a mineral to scratching.

2.7.2. My definition-the scratching resistance.

2.7.3. Examples:stainless steel, diamond, soft wood