Filip Jedelsky

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Filip Jedelsky by Mind Map: Filip Jedelsky

1. Education / Development

1.1. Technical engineering

1.2. Personalilty diagnostics

1.2.1. DiSC assessments

1.2.2. MBTI profiles

1.2.3. BELBIN team roles

1.2.4. 360° feedback architecture

1.2.5. Other SHL tools (leadership assessments) HAY Group (Emotional Intelligence) CUT-e diagnostics

1.3. Business skills

1.3.1. Sales skills

1.3.2. Communication / Presentation

1.3.3. Leadership trainings

1.3.4. Coaching / Mentoring

1.3.5. Project management

1.4. HR skills

1.4.1. Labor law

1.4.2. HR business partnering

1.4.3. HR reporting

1.4.4. Organizational design / Workforce planning

1.4.5. Performance management

1.4.6. Talent management

2. Pre-HR work highlights

2.1. ATComputers

2.1.1. Account manager 300+ active customers Triline PC distribution channel Regular Y2Y growth

2.1.2. Product manager Visualisation technology (monitors, projectors etc...) 2 exclusive brands to CZ Internet to the School project On time delivery of 70k+ monitors Logistics Special warranty agreements Retail business

2.2. OFO Group

2.2.1. Retail business (consumer electronics) Kaufland Auchan Tesco stores Other...

2.2.2. International sites (direct responsibility) Romania Croatia Hungary

2.3. TietoEnator

2.3.1. Production manager ~40 direct reports 6 project teams International customers Finland Sweden Norway Belgium 2.5M EUR yearly revenue

3. HR experience

3.1. Tieto Group

3.1.1. HR Manager CZ Learning & Development Implementing new standards of Employee development Induction programs Development programs Performance Management Part of design team (whole corporation) Implementation to Tieto CZ Feedback / Continuous improvement Recruitment Business partner ~400 employees Legal matters Goal & Performance management Individual support / consultancy Talent management Greenhouse program Connection to Succession planning

3.1.2. HR Manager corp. Head of Leadership development Leadership principles Leader's profile Leadership development Self-awareness frame Active implementation of new standards

3.2. LEGO Group

3.2.1. Global responsibility Denmark Czech Republic Mexico Hungary China

3.2.2. Business partnering HR Core processes Performance management Talent management Succession planning Salary review Employee satisfaction surveys Translating startegy / MWBs to individual goals Leadership development Coaching Situational Leadership Organizational Health Lead / Manage / Engage approach

3.2.3. Other responsibilities Workforce planning FTE Utilization HR reporting Diversity agenda

3.2.4. Change management Standardization project Build / Buy / Borrow approach Organizational health

4. Main projects

4.1. Performance management implementation

4.1.1. Process Part of design team Individual development Goal setting Implementation phase Preparing Training Material & User guides Training of ~150 leaders Ensuring successful roll-out Individual support / consultancy Communication to employees Controlling role Feedback & Improvement

4.1.2. Tools Success Factors Form design Competency profiles Hierarchy structure Alignment to CZ labor code

4.2. Leadership development

4.2.1. Leadership principles Starting from scratch Ensuring connection to strategy Communication & Implementation to organization Applying modern trends & views on leadership Project team with Corporate LT members Cultural aspects

4.2.2. Leadership development Converting the Leadership principles to Development paths Self awareness frame Gap analysis Competency profiles & Leadership career path Development programs structure Global Mentoring program Corporate LT active approach & participation Executive development Link to international business schools Executive coaching Leadership audits

4.3. Standardization project

4.3.1. Alignment of conditions across the production sites Position profiles / Job desriptions Job titles Salary adjustment / alignment Skill matrices Job content matching

4.3.2. Succession planning Down to Level 3 leaders Key roles definition Contingency plans Connection to individual development

5. Side projects / acivities

5.1. Teaching English in Cambodia

5.2. Vice-president of International Folklore festival

5.3. Vice-president of local cultural board

5.4. Active work with disabled / handicapped people

5.5. Master / Bachelor thesis consultancy

5.6. Active participation in HR forums

6. Personal values

6.1. Consistency & Coherence

6.2. No "Hidden agenda"

6.3. Open doors

6.4. Focus on constant development

6.5. Individual approach

6.6. Balanced leadership style

6.7. Balance between Task / People