ICT 03:361 - Rob Kroeker

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ICT 03:361 - Rob Kroeker by Mind Map: ICT 03:361 - Rob Kroeker

1. Arts Ed - Music 8 (wiki 8)

1.1. Prerequisites

1.1.1. How saturated is this technology in the community?

1.1.2. Google Account

1.1.3. Internet Access

1.1.4. PC Computer

1.1.5. Cell Phone With Camera able to transfer data

1.1.6. Headphones

1.2. Create own original music video and post it on Youtube

1.2.1. Create Original Audio Composition Create a Sound Track Create Melody track Create Harmony track(s) Create Instrument(s) track(s) Merge all audio tracks FL Studio Software Prerequisites Download Audacity Software Download additional background music as needed

1.2.2. Create Original Video Composition Create a Video track(s) Plan out story line of video Take various Video shots Take various Picture shots Software Prerequisites Access to Windows Movie Maker

1.2.3. Merge Video and Audio Compositions Use Audio Track as foundation (.mp3) Creatively include chosen Video clips Creatively include chosen Picture clips Add special effects, as needed (see Movie Maker) Create Final Mpeg-4/H.264 video Software Prequisites Access to Windows Movie Maker

1.2.4. Upload Video to Youtube Maximum Saturation Cross-posting email Various Social Media Prerequisites Create Google Account Knowledge of how to upload a video Discuss Privacy settings

1.2.5. Discuss Improving Final Product Better Video Editing software Adobe Better Audio recording software Garage Band FL Studio Better Hardware Hi resolution Video Camera Hi resolution Camera Hi quality Microphone Improved Photography Training Contrasting Light and Colour Special Effects Improved Musical Training Voice Instruments

1.3. Resources

1.3.1. Personal Experience

1.3.2. Upgraded Video tools

1.3.3. Upgraded Audio tools

1.3.4. Access to "for pay" web services

1.3.5. FL Studio

1.4. Notes

1.4.1. Music Composition - see Manitoba Curriculum M-C 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5

1.4.2. Online publishing of original content - see ICT Continuum P.1.2, 2.2, 3.2 G. 1.1, 2.1, 3.1 Pr 1.1, 2.1, 3.1 Pr 1.2, 2.2, 3.2 E 1.1, 2.1, 3.1 S 1.1, 2.1, 3.1 M 1.1, 2.1, 3.1 (through repeated experience of this project

1.4.3. Reasoning Increases Self-Confidence Encourages personal ownership of learning Connects students with a larger audience

1.4.4. Method of Instruction Lecture Online Video Tutorial Completed Example

1.4.5. Method of Evaluation Subjective Watching to see how serious the students takes this assignment - hours invested - questions asked Identify talent level of each student within their music discipline Objective Completion of assignment Professional quality end product

2. Social Studies - Grade 6 (wiki 4)

2.1. Using Google Maps to create a Geography Lesson

2.1.1. Find Google Map of... Each Province Each Provincial Capital Canada National Capital Each Territory Each Territory Capital Canada, Provinces, Territories and all Capitals

2.1.2. Use Google Search Engine Using proper search parameters Provide basic Web Bibliography

2.1.3. Use Google maps Show how to embed code

2.1.4. Embed all Map Codes within Blog Entry

2.2. Prerequisites

2.2.1. Computer

2.2.2. Internet Access

2.2.3. Google/Blog Account

2.3. Notes

2.3.1. ICT Continuum P1.2, P3.2, G1.2, G2.2, G3.2 Pr1.2 C1.1, C2.1, C3.1 Co1.1, Co2.1,

2.3.2. Manitoba Curriculum Cluster 3 6.3.1

2.3.3. Reasoning To give kids a sense of the Land they are apart of/separated from

2.3.4. Method of Instruction Online Research/Google Web Search Google Atlas/Maps On-screen examples

2.3.5. Method of Evaluation Blog Entry Correct Answers Detail of work Web research evaluation

2.4. Resources

2.4.1. Google Search Engine

2.4.2. Google Maps My Google Map for Canadian Capital Cities

2.4.3. Google Images

2.4.4. Wikipedia

2.4.5. Online Canadian Atlas

2.4.6. Twitter inquiry

3. Math 10 (wiki 5)

3.1. Factoring Polynomials

3.1.1. Online Quiz

3.2. Prerequisites

3.2.1. Computer

3.2.2. Internet

3.3. Notes

3.3.1. Manitoba Curriculum 6.3

3.3.2. ICT Continuum M1.1 E1.1 Pr1.3 P1.2

3.3.3. Reasoning Practice makes perfect

3.3.4. Method of Instruction Lecture Presentation Practice Assignments

3.3.5. Method of Evaluation Amount of questions answered correctly

3.4. Resources

3.4.1. Math Text Book

3.4.2. Online Tutoring

3.4.3. Google Search

3.4.4. Youtube Videos

3.4.5. Twitter Inquiry

4. Biology 12 (wiki 7)

4.1. Genetics

4.1.1. Unit 1 Atypical Inheritnace Research and describe examples of and solve problems involving the inheritance of phenotypic traits that do not follow a dominant-recessive pattern Resources Textbook Google search Hand-outs for reading Twitter inquiry Notes Manitoba Curriculum ICT Continuum Reasoning Method of Instruction Method of Evaluation Prerequisites Internet access Biology 12 text book Computer microphone Blog (google) account Vocaroo Audacity software

5. Community and Diversity - Interdisciplinary (wiki 1)

5.1. Daily Edit (Journal Entries)

5.1.1. Blogger Post

5.2. Prerequisites

5.2.1. Computer

5.2.2. Internet

5.2.3. Cell Phone

5.3. Resources

5.3.1. Other Blogs

5.3.2. My BU Blog

5.4. Notes

5.4.1. Manitoba Curriculum OLE.2

5.4.2. ICT Continuum P1.1, P2.1 G1.3, G2.3 Pr1.1, 2.1 C1.1, 2.1, 3.1 R1.1,2.1

5.4.3. Reasoning Daily edit via Blogger replaces a regular function of Journal entries throughout elementary curriculum

5.4.4. Method of Instruction Lecture Blog Presentation

5.4.5. Method of Evaluation Successful completion of blog Successful and regular use of Blog Seeing students apply their ICT knowledge within Blogging and have them create their own gadgets/widgets

6. Phys Ed/Health Ed 12 (wiki 3)

6.1. Energy Module C - Nutrition

6.1.1. Energy Expenditure Students will determine the energy expenditures of various activities Results Posted in Online Google Spreadsheet Students make a chart on paper to record various MET ratings Notes Manitoba Curriculum ICT Continuum Reasoning Method of Instruction Method of Evaluation Prerequisites Internet Access Computer Microphone Google Account Resources Google Search Research

7. Social Studies - Grade 3 (wiki 6)

7.1. Communities of the World

7.1.1. Use Concept Mapping Mindmeister

7.1.2. Prerequisites Internet Computer Mindmeister Account

7.1.3. Notes Manitoba Curriculum Gr 3 - Cluster 2 ICT Continuum P1.1, 2.1, 3.1 P1.2, 2.2, 3.2 G1.3, 2.3 Pr1.3 C1.1 Reasoning Pre-work on any project will increase the quality of work Method of Instruction Examples on Mindmeister Lecture Presentation Method of Evaluation Detail of Concept map Usefulness of Concept map

7.1.4. Resources Compare a White-board to Mindmeister My own personal Mindmeister map Books Theory behind successful Concept Mapping

8. Career Development 9 (wiki 2)

8.1. Unit 5 - Career and Community Experiences

8.1.1. Bring class to a workplace setting remotely VOIP Lecture from Workplace personel Practical Work images/video describing day-to-day activities Blogging Notes Does this job reflect your personality? Does this job appeal to you? Why or Why not? What are 3 things you like about this job? What are 3 things that concern you about this job?

8.1.2. Prerequisites Computer Internet A Smart-phone in a Workplace setting digital projector Audio Speakers

8.1.3. Resources Online Research of company Personal Connections within the local business community Job-Fair connections

8.1.4. Notes Manitoba Curriculum 5.D.3 5.J.4 ICT Continuum G.1.1, G.3.1 G.1.3, G2.3 C.1.1, C.3.1 S.1.1, S.3.1 Reasoning This provides a way for students to experience work settings that might otherwise not be affordable to visit, or might be restricted due to various local and national laws (ie. Oil Patch or Casino). Method of Instruction Audio/Visual Lecture - Interview - Presentation Question/Answer session Method of Evaluation Career Portfolio (Blog) Evaluation of Practical Application as a result of presentation

9. English Language Arts 9 (wiki 9 and 11)

9.1. Writing an essay online

9.1.1. Bibliography Zotero Teach different styles

9.1.2. Google Docs

9.1.3. Concept Mapping Mindmeister

9.1.4. Thesis

9.1.5. Body 3 main points

9.1.6. Conclusion

9.1.7. Title Page

9.2. Prerequisite

9.2.1. Google Account

9.2.2. Google Drive Teach how to use it

9.2.3. Firefox Browser

9.2.4. Mindmeister account

9.2.5. Computer

9.2.6. Internet

9.3. Resources

9.3.1. Library

9.3.2. Google Scholar

9.3.3. Already completed papers

9.3.4. Classroom instruction

9.4. Notes

9.4.1. Manitoba Curriculum 6.3

9.4.2. ICT Continuum G1.2, G1.3, 2.3 P3.2 G1.4,2.4 Pr1.2, Pr2.2 Pr1.3 C1.1 E1.3 E2.1, E3.1

9.4.3. Reasoning Preparation for Post-Secondary education Forces students to articulate thoughts in a clear and concise way

9.4.4. Method of Instruction Lecture Editting

9.4.5. Method of Evaluation Meeting Outcome requirements

10. First Nations, Metis', and Inuit Studies 12 (wiki 10)

10.1. Cluster 2 - A Profound Ambivalence 2.1

10.1.1. Prerequisites Google Account Brainshark Account Computer Microphone Three Historic Cultures Students create a Powerpoint Presentation Students Research the history of 3 Indiginous nations Student research

10.1.2. Resources Band Office Archives School Library Brainshark Google Drive

10.1.3. Notes Manitoba Curriculum 2-16 ICT Continuum P 1.1, P2.1, P3.1 G1.1, G2.1, G3.1 Pr1.2, Pr2.2 C1.1, C2.1, C3.1 S1.1, 2.1, 3.1 Reasoning Understanding our History hopefully inspires us to act in a better way Method of Instruction Lecture Research Online Videos Skype Field Trip Interview of Band leadership Method of Assessment Subjective Objective