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PHPEdit Debugger Troubleshooter by Mind Map: PHPEdit Debugger Troubleshooter
4.0 stars - 1 reviews range from 0 to 5

PHPEdit Debugger Troubleshooter

Debug sessions are not caught by PHPEdit

Make sure that no firewall or antivirus is blocking PHPEdit

Xdebug: Make sure that Xdebug is configured to connect to your machine and to PHPEdit

Check in PHPEdit's log is there's an error on PHPEdit's side

Make sure that Xdebug is loaded correctly

Debug sessions are caught by PHPEdit

But doesn't stop at the breakpoints I set

When I don't want to debug browsing on my debug server is very slow

Output and HTML output docks are only refreshed when the debug session is finished

But then hangs

Debugging is very slow