ideas for the Basswood hive

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ideas for the Basswood hive by Mind Map: ideas for the Basswood hive

1. blog

1.1. special site for kids/teachers? (COPPA)

1.1.1. pages/subsite for each class, etc?

1.1.2. other info?

1.2. public-facing

1.3. capture RSS feed from the hive's twitter, video, and flickr sites

1.4. honey sales (would you sell this honey as a way to further fund the project, or give the proceeds back to the PTO/school?

1.5. aim to increase knowledge about:

1.5.1. neonic usage

1.5.2. how native plants and shrubs help bees

1.5.3. other info

1.6. beekeeper bio and school/PTO info

2. flickr

2.1. can have a special email address so if school kids take pics (like with their ipads) the pics can be uploaded to the flickr site (COPPA)

2.2. community pics? visitors take pics and submit (after a screening process = ensure malicious content is not included)

3. video

3.1. school

3.1.1. submissions from kids? (COPPA)

3.2. public

3.2.1. have visitors share a short story (ie, 30 sec)

3.3. story from the beekeeper of course! :)

4. Twitter

4.1. new blog post

4.2. new video entry

4.3. honey sale info?

4.4. other promotions

4.5. links to bee-related info around the TC area

4.6. shared account for a class?

4.6.1. teacher could create an account and log in, then students could compose the tweet and send it out (with teacher's approval of course :) (COPPA)

5. curriculum integration

5.1. teacher ideas

5.2. principal ideas

5.3. tech integrationist ideas

5.4. worksheets you will develop?

6. data collection (placeholder for future reference?)

6.1. what kinds of data could kids regularly gather (ie, enter via a google form on their ipads)?

6.1.1. hive health?

6.1.2. something pertaining to the physical location of the hive? # of particular types of plants...?

6.2. public data collection?

7. evaluation

7.1. need to write any type of report for the PTO grant?

7.2. ongoing feedback?

7.3. ideas from students

7.3.1. what do they want to know more about?

7.4. ideas from visitors

7.4.1. what do they want to know more about?

7.4.2. were any materials (ie., signs by hive, etc) unclear?

8. personal note to you:

8.1. in preparation for a PhD program, you may want to reflect on this process or find a way to capture your thoughts in an ongoing manner. It could be as brief as a one or two sentence email msg you send to yourself with the same subject heading, which is then filed in a special folder, etc. It could be something very random that leads to a research question down the road...

9. dedicated identity/account

9.1. see all social media components to the right

9.2. same username/profile across accounts

9.3. email address for hive (use this to create SM accounts)