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Setting by Mind Map: Setting
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The platform

Home of democracy on the island

Ralph's election


Civilisation, Rules set

Law and order

The assemblies

The conch

The clearing

Home to 'the beast'

Simon's epiphany

Jack plants the Pig's Head on a staff

Simon hallucinates the Pig to be the devil

The mountain

Hope and Freedom


Believed to be the Beast

Fire on the mountain

Signal fire

Castle Rock

Central point for savages.

Jack's seat of authority

Associations with darkness

Central location for destruction of conch/ civilisation

Piggy is killed by Roger

Success of savagery over intelligence


Only mentioned

Seen as great hope for many boys

"what could be safer than the bus centre with its lamps and wheels?", Height of civilisation, Antithesis of the Island

The Beach

Roger throws rocks at the littluns but aims to miss

Conch is found here

The boys first assemble here

The Island

Microcosm of the world


No adults

Perfect setting to explore the nature of humans

Unspoiled natural beauty


Jungle- setting

Darkness, Fear